What is the Difference Between Disguised Unemployment And Seasonal Unemployment in 2021

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Let’s talk about What is the Difference Between Disguised Unemployment And Seasonal Unemployment

If you want the answer of What is the difference between disguised unemployment and seasonal unemployment? For example in one line then this is the perfect post for you

Disguised Unemployment

In case of disguised unemployment (छिपी बेरोज़गारी), people appear to be employed but are actually not employed.

For example; Sometimes in agricultural families, 8 people are working, on the farm, whereas only 5 people are needed to do that work. Thus 3 persons are excess and they are not needed on the farm. They also do not help to raise the production of the farm.

If these 3 extra persons are removed from the farm, the production from the farm will not reduce; Therefore these 3 persons appear to be employed but are actually disguisedly unemployed.  

Seasonal Unemployment

Whereas Seasonal unemployment (मौसमी बेरोजगारी) happens when people are not capable to find jobs during some months of the year.  

For example; People dependent upon agriculture usually face such a kind of problem. There are certain busy seasons when sowing, harvesting, weeding, and threshing are done. But when the plants are growing, there is not much work. During this period, they remain unemployed and are said to be seasonally unemployed. 

What is the difference between disguised unemployment and seasonal unemployment are tabulated below.

Disguised unemployment (छिपी बेरोज़गारी)Seasonal unemployment (मौसमी बेरोजगारी)
A condition in which negligible labour productivity is null. It is not visible and is identified, primarily in farming, between wage earners.In some industries, such as agriculture, having jobs for just part of the year is treated as seasonal unemployment.
It is found mainly in agriculture.It is found mainly in the agro-based sector.
It is located entirely in rural areas.It is present both in rural areas and in urban areas as well.
The job needs the service of five persons, but eight individuals are working.There are several productivity phases when harvesting, sowing, threshing, and weaving are done.
What is the Difference Between Disguised Unemployment And Seasonal Unemployment
What is the Difference Between Disguised Unemployment And Seasonal Unemployment
What is the Difference Between Disguised Unemployment And Seasonal Unemployment

If want to read what is the difference between disguised unemployment and seasonal unemployment? in detail then keep going next point we discussed both the point in details.

What is Disguised Unemployment

Disguised unemployment occurs when part of the labour force is either left without jobs or operates daily, such as the production of the workforce is adequately zero. It is unemployment that has no impact (effect) on aggregate production. An economy shows hidden unemployment when productivity is poor, and too many workers also occupy few jobs.

Understanding Disguised Unemployment

Disguised Unemployment (छिपी बेरोज़गारी) often arise in developed countries whose large populations generate labour-force excess. It can be dignified by low productivity and mostly follows informal labour markets and agricultural labour markets, able of consuming large labour quantities.

Disguised, or secret, unemployment can refer to any part of the non-employed population at maximum capability. Still, it is usually not calculated within the national economy in official unemployment stats. This may include those who work far below their capacities, those whose jobs have little overall productivity benefit, or any category that is not currently searching for a job but is able of doing value work.

In one line we talking about disguised unemployment is to say that people are working but not very effectively.

Types of Disguised Unemployment

  • Underemployment

In some conditions, people who do part-time work can qualify as disguised unemployed if they wish to earn and can do a full-time job. It also includes those who accept work well below their skill set. In such conditions, hidden unemployment can also be called “underemployment,” including those who operate at some capacity but not at maximum capacity.

  • Illness and Disability

Another category that can be included in those who are sick or moderately disabled. Though they may not work actively, they may be able to be successful within the economy. In the case of disability, this type of disguised unemployment is temporary and confidential while someone is seeking assistance with disabilities. That means the individual is often not viewed as part of a nation’s unemployment statistics.

  • No Longer Looking for Work

Whatever the cause, if a person fails to search for jobs, he or she is often no longer considered unemployed when it comes to calculating the unemployment rate. Many nations require that an individual actively goes after employment to be counted as unemployed.

What is Seasonal Unemployment

The concept of seasonal Unemployment (मौसमी बेरोजगारी) defines a situation when workers experience unemployment at certain times of the year when the demand has decreased. Although unemployment is always uncertain, the upside is that seasonal unemployment doesn’t last–eventually, the peak season of a given industry appear,s and many workers become employed once again.

Many workers prepare for seasonal unemployment by working quite a bit when demand is high and saving up much of their earnings, then living off of those savings during their seasons of unemployment.

Types of Seasonal Unemployment

  • Tourist destinations

Seasonal unemployment is an especially serious issue in tourist destinations, where the economy is mostly dependent on tourism. For example, some tourist destinations are attractions mostly for their beautiful, sunny beaches. If there’s a time of year when the beaches are cold and rainy, people won’t want to come to visit during that season. Resorts won’t have any reason to have workers stay on, and therefore workers will become unemployed during that rainy part of the year when demand is low.

  • Agricultural work

Another common example is that of many kinds of agricultural jobs. Many crops are only grown and harvested at certain points of the year. During the crop’s off-season, farmers’ hired workers will not have any work to do and will, therefore, experience seasonal unemployment at that time.

  • Holiday jobs

A third well-known example: jobs that are linked to the holidays. Some jobs are only relevant during the holiday season, e.g. being a Christmas tree seller or a retail worker at holiday-related pop-up shops. Since there is so much more retail taking place during the holiday season, workers will be hired during this time, but then will become unemployed as demand decreases when the holiday season ends.

what is the difference between seasonal and disguised unemployment?
what is the difference between seasonal and disguised unemployment?


Seasonal unemployment is an agreed condition by the employers and the workforce that they will be hired only for a part of the year and after the agreed-upon time, the workforce will remain unemployed for the rest of the year. This occurs when a few industries slow down or shut down for a particular season or make shifts in their production schedule as per the weather, demand, etc.

Another reason may be short-term projects such as construction, etc. As noted above, it is different from disguised unemployment where more people are employed in a job than actually required.

We have seen that this time of unemployment has its disadvantages like any other type of unemployment. An idle workforce cannot make any money for survival during the unemployed part of the year. That said, there are also advantages as discussed earlier that it being better than unemployment wholly, pursuing interests, etc.

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