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What is a Migration Certificate: A migration certificate is a certificate offered by the School/College/University to the candidates so that they can get entrance into another institute. The college authorized are liable to give the migration certificate along with required papers like mark sheets, TC, character certificate, etc; to the Candidates. These papers help Candidates to get entrance wherever in the nation without any doubt.

So Is a Migration Certificate compulsory and how do I get a Migration Certificate? And what is the legitimacy of the Migration Certificate? And how lengthy process does it take to obtain a Migration Certificate? Below in this article, we have pointed out all the details on the topic of what is the use of a Migration Certificate. But let us first know what Migration Certificate is in specify.

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What is Migration Certificate?

The word migration stands for shifting from one appropriate place to a different place. It also stands for to promote or strengthen from one place to another. The migration certificate is an authorized certificate that is mandatory when the candidate is shifting from one institution to another institution. It is generally known to the candidate by the school or university as authorization to study anywhere else and carry on the learning or course.

This is a certificate offered by the concerned University or Board in which one studies. It assists in receiving entrance to a new college/university and it is offered at the end of the course along with further essential papers. Only your education board has the power to offer it.

Certificates are also occasionally called transfer certificates or TC. But there is a differentiation among these two, the migration certificate is offered when the candidate has completed the examination and the certificate is utilized while shifting the board or institution. Whereas the Transfer certificate is offered when the student has passed out.

Everybody would have listened to this term when they got entrance in a new school or college. If you are somebody who didn’t then you have to know what the use of Migration Certificate is.

We wish that you have understood what is meant by the Migration Certificate. Try out the article below to distinguish more about How do I get a Migration Certificate, how to apply for a migration certificate, Certificate apply online, What is the validity of Migration Certificate?, What is the use of Migration Certificate? Is Migration Certificate mandatory?

How to Apply for Migration Certificate?

The migration certificates are generally offered by the school or college administrations on their property. Candidates have to go to the personal staff and acquire certificates. But a few boards are also provided that the migration certificate online on their own website.

These certificates can be downloaded simply and they want to be filled with the necessary details. After finishing the form candidates must get the signature from the particular administrations.

What is the use of Migration Certificate?

A migration certificate is a certificate that is helpful while somebody is shifting his/her institution or university. This certificate indicates that the candidate who has applied for the college shifting is entitled to additional learning and has cleared the prior assessment effectively. So at the moment the question comes up: Is a Migration Certificate compulsory when somebody is shifting college or university and the reply is yes.

Without containing a certificate the institution won’t permit the candidate to have admission. The migration certificate is not requested for the period of the counseling procedure other than it is requested when somebody is taking admission and if the student did not have this certificate then the organization will ask the student to make it if taking admission to the university which is not linked or associated to the preceding university.

Steps To Apply for Migration Certificate

How do I obtain a Migration Certificate of CBSE Board?

  • The candidates who belong to the CBSE Board who seems to change the university or board should have cleared the existing exams.
  • To apply for the Migration certificate, the candidate is mandatory to fill up a form that is approved by the CBSE and has to be filled by the candidate. The migration form can be discovered on the official website of the CBSE Board.
  • While applying for the CBSE migration certificate or a replacement migration certificate, students are necessary to compensate a fee of Rs 250 and for a critical replacement copy of a migration certificate, the charge is Rs 500. The courier cost is Rs 25 within Delhi NCR and Rs 35 for further states of India.
  • The candidates may possibly need a migration certificate immediately in several cases and in such a position receiving the certificate as shortly as possible becomes pretty essential. Many of the candidates may possibly go for future studies in a further state or a city and they may require their migration certificate in such a case. But still, the certificate can be sent to the requisite location by way of courier.
  • How many days does it acquire to get a Migration Certificate? The migration certificate can be distributed broadly within the 7-20 working days from the time on which candidates it has applied for the migration. The candidate will also obtain a receiving of the submission form. While applying for the migration certificate the candidate has to give a legal address so that the certificate will be transmitted to the particular address of the applicant through courier or post. Therefore the aspirants have to be very alert while filling the postal address and must also give a suitable email address for the appropriate transmit of the migration certificate.
  • The candidate has to know that he or she has to keep a copy of all the important papers which contain Fee deposit/demand draft which can be sent to the district office for future orientation. It is the accountability of the school or institution authoritative to issue the migration certificate on behalf of candidates and also help them.
  • What is the validity of Migration Certificate: CBSE Board: The legitimacy of the CBSE Board Migration certificate has no limit and so does apply to any other board’s migration certificate. It is just a paper that offers authority to the candidate to move around from one school to another.

How do I acquire a Migration Certificate of ICSE Board?

We have offer details regarding ICSE Migration Certificate and how it is procedure along with the cost required to get it.

The Office of the commission has decentralized the issue of Migration Certificates in order to smooth the progress of their convenience to students.

  • In this association, the chief of schools may set a mass order of their necessity of ICSE Migration Certificates for students who clear the ICSE Exams and plan to search for admission in other learning institutions.
  • The costs for a Migration Certificate is Rs. 150/-. The whole sum for the Migration Certificates requisite by a school should be submitted online to the committee. Upon receiving the compensation, the Migration Certificates will be dispatched by listed Post from the Council’s Kolkata office to the Chiefs of Schools.
  • The ICSE Migration Certificates are to be reserved in a protected place straight under the charge of the Chief of the School.
  • The Chiefs of Schools are to make certain that the subsequent safety measures are full though handing out the issue of the ICSE Migration Certificate.
  • Migration Certificates are offered only to winning (Pass Certificate Awarded) students.
  • A schedule, copy the information on the Migration Certificates issued to students, is preserved.
  • The Migration Certificate is countersigned by the Chief of the School representing the name of the student and the institution, along with the student’s UID Number.
  • The Migration Certificates in-store may be passed ahead to succeeding exams.
  • All Chiefs are asking to gently cooperate with the committee to make sure that the students are not caused inconvenience due to an interruption in the handing out of Migration Certificates.

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How to Online Migration Certificate Download

Here we have provided the details of downloading the ICSE Migration certificate from its website in a step-by-step procedure.

  • To smooth the progress of the accessibility to the students, the issuance of the Migrations certificate has been decentralized by the Office of the commission.
  • The school Chiefs or administration can place a mass order to the ICSE board to get the Migration certificate for the candidates who have capable of the examination and have the certificates to obtain admission in higher-level courses.
  • The cost to get a Migration certificate is Rs.150. The payment should be submitted online to the committee of the Board. Once getting the fee, the commission will send off the documentation from the Council’s Kolkata office to the Chief of Schools, by listed post.
  • It must be reserved safe in the School administration or supervision to provide it securely to the candidates
  • The school Chief who is accountable to give the certificates must make certain that it is given to the passed students only (who have cleared their examination)
  • Also, it should be properly signed by the School principal prior to it is accessible to the candidates
  • Verification of successful allotment of migration certificates should be kept up in the school.

FAQ’s on What is Migration Certificate

Q1. What is a migration certificate?

Answer: A migration certificate is a certificate offered by the School/College/University to the candidates so that they can acquire admissions into other universities. The college officials are accountable to provide the migration certificate along with essential certificates.

Q2. How to get the migration certificate?

Answer: After the victorious achievement of the Class 12th examination, candidates have to acquire a migration certificate to obtain admissions to other learning institutions. To get a migration certificate, candidates must apply to the existing education board (State board/CBSE/ICSE) along with the result and school exiting certificate.
As well as they have to pay the necessary cost. The commission of the board will send off the certificate to the School’s address from where you can get the migration certificate, properly signed by the Principal.

Q3. Is a migration certificate necessary?

Answer: To obtain admission into a further learning institute, a migration certificate is compulsory.

Q4. When a migration certificate is required?

Answer: A migration certificate is essential when school candidates have cleared their class 12th examination effectively and he/she needs to get admission to college to look for graduation degree.

Q5. What is the difference between a migration certificate and a school leaving certificate?

Answer: A school leaving certificate is necessary when a candidate is shifted to a further school of a similar board, due to definite circumstances. But a migration certificate is mandatory when candidates look for admission to a different board.

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Wish this article helped you with Migration Certificate, What is meant by Migration Certificate, How do I get a Migration Certificate, How long does it take to receive a Migration Certificate, What is the validity of Migration Certificate, What is the use of Migration Certificate, Is Migration Certificate mandatory.

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