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Before we began talking about what is disguised unemployment and what you understand by disguised unemployment, you have to know about unemployment. The unemployment rate in India rise to 7.2% in February 2019, the peak since September 2016, and also up from 5.9% in February 2018, according to the most recent data gathered by the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE).

What is Unemployment?

Unemployment happens when a person who is aggressively searching for employment is not capable to find work. Unemployment is regularly used to calculate the strength of the economy. The most common measure of unemployment is the unemployment rate, which is the number of jobless people divided by the number of people in the Jobs.

Types of Unemployment in India

  • Disguised Unemployment: It is an incident where extra people are worked than actually needed.
  • Seasonal Unemployment: It is unemployment that happens for the period of definite seasons of the year.
  • Structural Unemployment: It is a kind of unemployment that occurs from the inequality between the jobs available in the market and the skills of the workers who are available in the market.
  • Cyclical Unemployment: It is the result of the business cycle, where unemployment increases during the depression and turns down with economic growth.
  • Technological Unemployment: It is the loss of jobs due to modification in technology.
  • Frictional Unemployment: Frictional Unemployment also called Search Unemployment, refers to the time interval between the jobs when an individual is searching for a new job or is changing between the jobs.
  • Vulnerable Employment: This means, people, working unofficially (off the record), without proper job agreement, and thus without any legal security. These persons are supposed to ‘unemployed’ since records of their work are never maintained.

Now let’s discuss in detail what is disguised unemployment and what do you understand by disguised unemployment?

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What is Disguised Unemployment?

Disguised unemployment happens when part of the workforce is left without jobs or operates continually, such as the output of the workers is efficiently zero. It is unemployment that has no contact with total production. An economy illustrates hidden unemployment when output is poor, and too many human resources also occupy few jobs.

In other words, we also say that the circumstances of underemployment are referred to as the condition when people are actually working but all of them are made to work less than their possible is called disguised unemployment. In this case, the person thinks of himself as employed but is in reality not working.

For Example

  • In rural areas also called (Gaon), where agriculture is the core source of revenue, this type of unemployment can be seen over and over again. If a part of land needs only 3 people to work on it and as a replacement for 5 people are working on it, then the 2 additional people are said to be in a condition of disguised unemployment.
  • In cities and urban areas, disguised unemployment is seen when painters, electricians are not capable to find employment on a daily basis and work way less than their potential.

Now you can understand the basic detail let’s continue with the What Do You Understand by Disguised Unemployment

What Do You Understand By Disguised Unemployment

Disguised unemployment a lot arises in developed countries whose large populations create labor-force extra. It can be distinguished by low output and generally follows informal labor markets and agricultural labor markets, skilled of consuming large labor capacity.

Disguised or secret, unemployment can refer to any part of the non-employed population at maximum potential. Still, it is regularly not included within the national economy in official unemployment stats. This may contain those who work far away below their capability, those whose jobs have small overall output benefit, or any type that is not currently searching for a job but is capable of doing worthy work.

There are varying types of disguised unemployment, counting people working jobs lower than their skill ability, unutilized workers who are sick or disabled but still able to be useful, and job seekers who are depressed by their failure to find a job and so stop looking for it.

No let’s talk about its type

Types of Disguised Unemployment

  1. Underemployment

In some conditions, people doing part-time work may be entitled to disguised unemployment if they want to find and are skilled in performing full-time work. It also contains those accepting employment well less than their skill set. In these cases, disguised unemployment may also be referred to as “underemployment,” covering those who are working in some capacity but not at their full capacity.

  • Illness and Disability

Another group that may be included in those who are sick or measured partially disabled. While they may not be actively working, they may be skilled in being useful within the economy. This form of disguised unemployment is impermanent in the case of illness and categorized when someone is receiving disability support. This means the person is often not measured as part of the unemployment statistics for a nation.

  • No Longer Looking for Work

Once a person stops searching for work, in any case of the reason, they are often no longer considered unemployed when it comes to calculating the unemployment rate. Many nations require a person to be actively looking for employment to be counted as unemployed. If a person gives up searching for employment, whether on a short-term or long-term source, they are no longer counted until resuming the search for employment options. This can count as disguised unemployment when the person wants to get work but has stopped searching due to being depressed by a long search.

In my thought the conclusion of the whole chapter of disguised unemployment is

  • Disguised unemployment is unemployment that does not affect aggregate economic output.
  • It occurs when productivity is low and too many workers are filling too few jobs.
  • It can refer to any part of the population that is not employed at full capacity.

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