The manager stated during his press conference before the game, "He is trying." 

He experimented with it during Thursday's team practice, and we're crossing our fingers that he won't have a negative reaction. 

Due of the lengthy flight and the exhaustion caused by the travel, the training session did not have a high level of intensity. 

It was due to the long journey. [Saturday] is a big day for him, and we're crossing our fingers that he'll be fully recovered in time for training."

That is something that is really important to us. Now is the time to try new things and take chances."

Despite the fact that Croatian international Kovacic was sent off for a red card foul against Leeds on Wednesday, the German player stated that he may still play a part in the encounter.

On Friday, just a little more than a day before the match in London is scheduled to begin, Tuchel added, "We will attempt it today (Friday), which is really surprising news." 

"Mateo is interested in giving it a shot, and the medical staff has given their blessing for him to do so. 

The fact that the ligament has already ruptured as a result of the previous incident is an advantage, as it means there is no new injury but rather intense agony. 

It had swelled up significantly. We are keeping our fingers crossed that maybe the amount of time is sufficient for him to make it, but we are going to try it out in training so that we can get a better idea about it.

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