AEye is a California-based artificial intelligence company that creates vision hardware and algorithms for self-driving automobiles. Luis Dussan founded and owns the business.

10. AEye

2012 was Richard H. Shinn's founding year. California company builds AI for problem-solving, learning, and remembering. AIBrain aimed to boost intelligence.

9. AIBrain

AlphaSense is a New York-based AI startup. Businesspeople benefit from their market research and search engine. AlphaSense was founded in 2007 by Jack Kokko.

8. AlphaSense

2010's Sofman and Palatucci launched Anki. Anki makes AI flashcards. The startup produces kid-friendly AI.

7. Anki

Blue River Technology started in 2010 in California. Blue River Technology's intelligent equipment altered agriculture. This decreases chemical use.

6. Blue River Technology

Legal casetext. AI improves search results. Jake Heller and Pablo Arredondon created Injustice.

5. Casetext

Founded by CognitiveScale's Matt Sanchez. Machine learning improves decision-making, consumer engagement, and worker productivity.

4. CognitiveScale

Clarifai analyses photos using AI and neural networks. Matthew Zeiler founded the company in 2013. Clarifai is worth $120M and employs 90 employees.

3. Clarifai

Huang and Zhang started CloudMinds. Beijing-based exporter. Robotic control units and AI power CloudMinds' AI robots.

2. CloudMinds

Achin and de Godoy founded DataRobot in 2012. Business analysts can develop predictive analytics without programming or machine learning.

1. DataRobot

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