Everybody's different. So Forbes Advisor knows each reader's best credit card. The “greatest credit cards” trumped the “best credit cards”.

American Express was founded in 1850. In 1950, it issued the first credit card. Amex quickly followed suit. Amex is a credit card company.

10. American Express

BoA began in San Francisco in 1900 and ended in 1930. BankAmericard introduced the card in 1958.

9. Bank of America

Barclays has a branch in Delaware. Barclays issued the first UK consumer credit card in the 1960s. It quickly began producing cards in the United States.

8. Barclays

Capital One is a new bank that was created in 1994. It began issuing credit cards almost immediately and has since expanded.

7. Capital One

In 1799, the Manhattan Company Bank was established. It was renamed JPMorgan Chase, or just Chase.

6. Chase

Citi was founded in the early 1800s. Citigroup arrived in 1998. "Everything Card" first appeared in the 1960s.

5. Citi

Discover was a finance division of Sears. Discover Financial Services underwent a rebranding. Discover developed reward cards. In addition, it is a network and an issuer.

4. Discover

Synchrony was the new name for GE Capital Retail Bank. Few people are aware that they have one. It creates retail cards for large corporations. Bad.

3. Synchrony

It was established in 1891. US Bancorp Multi-Merger It has lately started issuing bank-issued and co-issued notes.

2. U.S. Bank

The Pony Express' western branch was Wells Fargo. Credit cards emerged a decade later.

1. Wells Fargo

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