This 1,600-foot path offers great vistas. Spooner Lake riders climb Marlette Canyon. Flume Trail overlooks Sand Harbor and mountains.

10. Flume Trail

North Dakota's Badlands may startle anyone expecting flat farming in the Midwest. Route 97 climbs 2,700 feet over ridges, buttes, and grasslands.

9. Maah Daah Hey Trail

Laurel Mountain pathway passes through laurel thickets. Black Mountain-Pilot Cove Trail. Pilot Rock descends 1,600 feet to Bradley Creek.

8. Laurel Mountain Ride

The 32-mile Glacier route is Tour de France calibre. Weeping Wall, Lake McDonald, and Heavens Peak are on the 3,300-foot trek to Logan Pass.

7. Going-to-the-Sun Road

Mountain bikers frequent Keweenaw Peninsula. Intermediate bikers can climb 1,300 feet on 30 kilometres of cedar-planked singletrack.

6. Copper Harbor Trails

Flow trail west of Adam's Gulch. 1.3 miles of jumps, dips, and berms. Bikers run on adrenaline without brakes or pedals.

5. Forbidden Fruit

Everglades bike. Shark Valley is home to alligators, wading birds, and turtles. 45-foot platform overlooks wetlands and prairies.

4. Forbidden Fruit

Schofield Pass' 11,351-foot summit offers 360-degree vistas of the Elk Mountains. The 13.6-mile track descends among wildflowers.

3. Forbidden Fruit

The PCH is a popular highway. It follows California's coast and has ocean views. SF, Santa Cruz, and SLO are classics.

2. Forbidden Fruit

DSST is hilly. The 3.1-mile Hiline Trail offers tricky cyclists views of buttes and monoliths. Baldwin Loop features slickrock and chutes.

1. Forbidden Fruit

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