In February's Season 20 premiere of "American Idol," judges gave 23-year-old HunterGirl a "platinum ticket."

Three standout contenders were permitted to skip a round to improve their chances of making the top 24.

He's the fourth consecutive male "Idol" winner who is also a country singer.

And yet, even with HunterGirl (real name: Hunter Wolkonowski) as an obvious favorite, Thompson's victory was not surprising. 

On "Idol," male country singers especially seem to have the edge, a fact that even the judges recognize. 

Thompson, from Louisa, Ky., started off the show seemingly terrified of his own shadow.

"You're just a good guy from Kentucky that might win 'American Idol.' 

" By the finale, though it was a close race with HunterGirl, Thompson appeared destined for the crown.

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