For whatever reason, NBA umpires chose to call a double-technical on Davis Bertans and Damion Lee after a very insignificant exchange.

During Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals between the Dallas Mavericks and the Golden State Warriors, 

referees opted to make a rather controversial call on an event that was pretty minor, all things considered. 

The incident in question involves Davis Bertans and Damion Lee. Bertans was on the floor and, while he was attempting to get up, Damion Lee was walking and trying to step over Bertans. 

The two got twisted and ultimately Lee ended up getting tripped and tumbling into the floor. 

It’s not a really big deal, but refs (presumably in an attempt of keeping things from getting ugly), chose to step in.

NBA Playoffs: Refs make unnecessary double-technical call on Davis Bertans, Damion Lee

That’s not fantastic. It’s not exactly nothing, but it’s probably nothing near as big of a deal as what it could have been. 

The whole exchange appears quite innocent, as far as instances that get slapped with double-technicals go. 

For the most part, this specific event involving Bertans and Lee is quite light. 

It’s not a pleasant scenario, but it’s far from being an overtly antagonistic conversation that would actually necessitate a double-technical. 

This circumstance doesn’t seem to actually warrant a call here. It’s not anything that is actually necessary. 

But for some reason, the refs decided it was necessary, thus it ultimately happened.

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