The actor, who portrayed Jason Morgan on the US serial, announced the news on Wednesday via social media.

Asked on Instagram Stories: "I wanted to explain something up." "Sheree and I have broken up," he says.

The news of her fourth pregnancy was only publicized recently. There's nothing I can do for the youngster.

I still co-parent my three wonderful children with my ex-husband. Right now, we'd prefer it if you could keep things private. 'Steve, you're the best!'

Steve and Hilary tied there knot in 1999. Children include Makena, 18, and Brooklyn, 7, as well as son Jack, 16; they also have a dog named Jack.

Steve, 51, starred on General Hospital from 1999 until 2021. Last November, he stated he was fired off the programme for refusing the coronavirus vaccine.

Actors and crew needed a "valid immunisation card" to work. The decision was made to protect workers and minimise disruptions to the manufacturing schedule.

Although some celebrities were outraged by the decision, Steve explained that he was fired because of the rules.

In an Instagram video, he addressed the rumours and suspicions regarding him and General Hospital. ‘Vaccine mandate fired me from General Hospital.

‘I applied for medical and religious exemptions, which were both refused, but this is about personal freedom to me. Nobody should lose their job over this.

And yet I will always be thankful for my experience at General Hospital. I grew up there, with some of you. Always thankful.'

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