Awatramani is rumored to be dating Janhvi Kapoor. 

According to Janhvi, when Orhan, also known as Orry, is around, it feels like home.

Janhvi said that Orhan had always had her back.

It's common to see Janhvi and Orhan together.

Janhvi attended Orhan's Halloween party recently. 

Diwali and parties were attended before that. 

Their travels have taken them to several countries.

Janhvi and Orhan also share pictures. Her Instagram posts are also commented on.

Janhvi told News18 that he had known Orry for years and that he had always had my back. He also has had my back. 

When he's around, it feels like home. His friends stand up for him in a way that is rare to find. I like him."