She bares all in the latest Women's Health. The Lizzie McGuire alum appeared naked for the magazine's Body Issue.

"I like my physique." “I had three kids. I accept my physical modifications. Someone arranged me attractively, and a cosmetics artist made me attractive.”

Duff, who has three children, says she educates them. She said she told her son he can receive help if he wants it.

A Cinderella Story actor says she works hard to keep fit. It's not only Botox and facials; we get Botox. But I want to stay. That's its core.”

The actress also shared the cover of Women's Health on Instagram, calling it "scary."

This worried her. "Glad to have worked with @womenshealthmag. I felt strong and gorgeous leaving behind my high waisted mom trousers and oversized whatever.

Duff previously told Women's Health in 2018 that the pressure to return to work after a baby left her feeling depressed.

“I didn't realise it until I stopped caring,” the Younger alum said. “I've learned to be proud of my body, especially throughout my son's pregnancy,” she said.

She now has a “pretty good relationship” with her body after changing her thinking.

“I don't need to be very thin,” she added. “I'm normal, and I enjoy eating and treating myself while being healthy and nourishing my body.”

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