A Dutch tourist jumps off a cliff in Spain and dies.

A father on a family holiday in Spain died after a botched cliff-jumping attempt.

The 31-year-old Dutch visitor was filmed preparing to jump from a boat nearby, according to the NY Post.

Unable to clear the sharp rocks below, the hapless daredevil violently clipped them before crashing into the lake with a horrible cry.

As the short, scary clip came to an end, the man's wife yelled, "Oh my God!"

The man's body, which couldn't be identified right away, was found in the water after a search.

It's not clear if local authorities are looking into the deadly stunt of jumping off a cliff, which is popular with tourists all over Majorca.

The man reportedly hired a boat for his wife to capture the stunt.

The victim's wife and kid were allegedly counselled as a rescue boat, helicopter, and dive crew looked for his corpse.

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