atlas chivas In the Torneo Clausura 2022 quarter-finals Jeremy Marquez's double helped them win 1-2 in Akron on Thursday. Christian Calderon helped Fluke return home.

Chivas vs Atlas | Confirmed Fonts

Goats: Jimenez, Cisneros, Mir, Sepulveda, Orozco, Calderon, Torres, Beltran, Perez, Alvarado, Vega.

Atlas: Vargas, Abella, Aguilera, Nervo, Reyes, Shala, Zaldivar, Rocha, Marquez, Quinones and Forch.

Chiva 1-2 Atlas: minute by minute

The ‘Holy Herd’ comes from their 4-1 win over Onam Pumas in the playoffs, a victory that gave them the right to play in the ‘Big Party’. 

From the hand of provisional DT Ricardo Cadena, those from Guadalajara found some regularity and took five straight wins.

Meanwhile, the “Foxes” got straight to this stage by scoring in the third square of the regular stage with 27 points. Anderson Santamaría will seek a positive result by considering revenge in Jalisco.

Chivas vs. Atlas: match schedule

Mexico – 9:05 PM Peru – 9:05 PM Ecuador – 9:05 pm Colombia – 9:05 PM Bolivia – 9:05 PM Venezuela – 9:05 PM Chile – 9:05 PM Paraguay – 9:05 pm United States – 9:05 pm Argentina – 10:05 PM Uruguay – 10:05 PM Brazil – 10:05 PM

Chivas vs. Atlas: History

Officially, the two teams have faced each other 44 times, leaving a balance of 20 wins for Chivas de Guadalajara, 12 wins for Atlas and 12 draws. Check out their latest duels below.

March 2022 | Atlas 1-1 Chivas October 2021 | Chivas 0-1 Atlas April 2021 | Atlas 0-1 Chivas October 2020 | Chivas 3-2 Atlas March 2020 | Atlas 1-2 Chivas

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