Full Throttle is the first destination, then Tatsu, Viper, and Riddler's Revenge. Explore additional rides.

10. Six Flags Magic Mountain

LA must-see Universal Studios Hollywood. Movie-themed rides include Fast and Furious, The Walking Dead, and Hippogriff.

9. Universal Studios Hollywood

City Terrace Waterpark is one of LA's major parks. You can swim, use the splash pad, play on the playground, or have a picnic here.

8. City Terrace Water Park

You'll love this site. You may ride a tiny railway in this entertainment park. Griffith Park Travel Town Railroad

7. Griffith Park & Southern Railroad

LA's best waterpark. This waterpark features 50 rides and slides. This theme park is fun for LA families.

6. Raging Waters Los Angeles

A 21st-century carnival? Classic arcade games are updated at Two Bit Circus Micro Amusement Park. This place has a video arcade and VR.

5. Two Bit Circus Micro Amusement Park'

Sherman Oaks Castle Park offers mini-golf. LA buddies or a date should visit. Batting cages and mini golf are available.

4. Sherman Oaks Castle Park

Families and animation fans love Super Silly Fun Land. Park's playground. This underestimated theme park has 80 water activities and coasters.

3. Super Silly Fun Land

You'll adore Harry Potter's Wizarding World. 4D and roller coasters show Hogwarts. You can buy a cape at the park.

2. The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter

This beachfront entertainment park offers Pacific views while riding roller coasters or strolling. Toddlers ride teacups and grownups ride rollercoasters.

1. Pacific Park

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