Ludo Lefebvre pays homage to simplicity with his L.A. take on a Parisian bistro in Hollywood and Sherman Oaks.

10. Petit Trois

One of the city's finest restaurants, providing an eight-course seafood tasting menu (lunch service to resume in the not-too-distant future).

9. Providence

Morihiro Onodera's protégé Niki Nakayama owns this two-Michelin-starred Palms kaiseki restaurant.

8. n/naka

Jazz Singsanong's Thai Town restaurant serves Angelenos in honour of her brother, L.A. Thai culinary icon Tui Sungkamee.

7. Jitlada

Jalisco-style fish trucks are in Boyle Heights, Downtown, Pomona, and La Cienega. Mariscos Jalisco serves tacos, ceviches, and oysters.

6. Mariscos Jalisco

Ori Menashe and Genevieve Gergis serve fire-roasted meats, artisanal couscous, and the greatest pita in L.A.

5. Bavel

Chef-owner Brandon Go's skill and technique stem from years of training in Japan.

4. Hayato

Japanese-Italian tasting menu, katsu sandwiches, grain bowls (which we hope will return, if brunch service comes back in the future).

3. Orsa & Winston

One of L.A.'s best chefs tours Italy's regions. Bestia, which opened in 2012, requires reservations for good reason.

2. Bestia

A café where old and new L.A. dining history collide, captivating customers from morning to night.

1. République

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