Capital One rewards credit cards have no cash-back or travel-mile limits. Plus, your benefits never expire.

1: Unlimited Rewards, No Expirations

Purchases earn miles. Book flights, car rentals, hotels, ride-sharing apps, cruises, and more on any site or service.

2: Travel Rewards

Earn cash back on every purchase, every day. Redeem for any amount, and rewards won't expire for the life of the account.

3: Cash Rewards

Your account balance will be reduced if you redeem your rewards.

4: Statement Credit 

Gift cards from your favourite stores can be exchanged for incentives.

5: Get Gift Cards 

With our travel rewards cards, you may be able to transfer miles to one of our 10+ travel partners. 

6: Transfer Your Miles 

Sign into your account or use Capital One’s mobile banking app to easily view redemption options.

7: Easy to Redeem

Pay for your purchases at using your Capital One rewards. 

8: Shop with Rewards at

Use your Capital One rewards on eligible purchases at millions of online stores.

9: Redeem Rewards with PayPal

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