Northern Minnesota is world famous for its breath-taking views and unique cultural experiences and has proved itself to be a great vacation destination.

Northern Minnesota has a continental climate which is characterized as having hot summers, and since it meets with the Canadian border, it can experience bitterly cold winters.

Extreme weather in Northern Minnesota allows for amazing outdoor adventures, especially if you love adventure.

Here are five things that all adventure loving travelers must do while in Northern Minnesota.

Northern Minnesota can be explored by canoe. Canoeing on Minnesota's world-famous lakes is a family-friendly adventure.

1: Canoe Trips

You can enjoy more than 300 miles of the scenic trail line above Lake Superior.

2: Lake Superior Hiking Trail

In Duluth, you may take a scenic fly over the iconic Twin Ports sites and Canal Park.

3: An Adventure in the Sky

Northern Minnesota offers adventure activities for serious thrill-seeking travelers.

4: Obstacle Courses

This activity is a great opportunity to take advantage of the cold Minnesotan weather and have fun with it.

5: Sled Dog Adventures

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