the Catskills and Adirondacks, and thriving cities (nothing beats New York City). Its grandest aspects are usually buried. Its stunning waterfalls are a must-photograph in New York.

Niagara Falls is New York's best. Many want to see this stunning piece of art. Horseshoe Falls is the tallest. In height, it stands at 173 feet. Almost 150,000 liters of water slam into an American natural treasure.

1. Niagara Falls

The Genesee River thunders through a gorge in Letchworth State Park, crashing over three spectacular waterfalls. The 107-foot Middle Falls is one of New York's top waterfalls.

2. Middle Falls, Letchworth State Park

Fun at Buttermilk Falls Waterfalls in Buttermilk Falls State Park near Ithaca (or many). Its two parts drop 165 feet into a swimming hole. Play in Buttermilk Falls State Park.

3. Buttermilk Falls

Awe-inspiring, Taughannock This majestic waterfall is the tallest in the US. Taughannock Falls roar 215 feet from a 400-foot bluff (42 feet higher than Niagara Falls).

4. Taughannock Falls

Niagara Falls dwarfs Eternal Flames Falls at 30 feet. Like no other waterfall in the country, or even the world, the breathtaking cascade will captivate you. It may even astonish you.

5. Eternal Flames Falls

Kaaterskill Falls, in the Catskill Mountains, knows how to unwind. With the sight and sound of the water smashing over the two tiers, and the chilly spray on your face, all anxieties vanish.

6. Kaaterskill Falls

WATTERS GLEN STATE PARK IS ONLY 2 MILES LONG BUT FULL OF NATURAL BE Rainbow Falls has towering cliffs, a deep gorge, and lush greenery.

7. Rainbow Falls, Watkins Glen State Park

Rainbow Falls is another of New York's best waterfalls. This one is in the Adirondacks' Ausable Chasm. Rainbow Falls are a set of falls that run from the Ausable River.

8. Rainbow Falls, Ausable Chasm

It's easy to lose track of time in Chittenango Falls. Glacier cascade 167 feet in 400 million-year-old bedrock. The roaring water tempts you to cool down in the stream below.

9. Chittenango Falls

Robert H. Treman State Park has 12 beautiful waterfalls, the most spectacular being Lower Falls. It's also known as Enfield Falls, after the rocky, wooded gorge of the same name.

10. Lower Falls

"Ithaca is gorges" is prominently touted on bumper stickers and signs throughout the city (deep, rocky gorges and soft, flowing streams). Here's a look at the city's primary

11. Ithaca Falls

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