Colorado River's Grand Canyon is a world wonder. This 277-mile-long, 1-mile-deep, 5 to 18-mile-wide canyon is beyond description.

While you’re at the Grand Canyon, you cannot experience its great landscape and its atmosphere without actually hiking across the trails.

1: Take a Hike

If you want a complete and exhilarating Grand Canyon experience, float the Colorado River.

2: Raft in the Grand Canyon

Yes, it seems like a great idea to live in a nearby motel and drive to the Grand Canyon in the morning and drive back at night. 

3: Stay at the Grand Canyon

You want an out of the world experience high in the sky then you could head to the Skywalk at Grand Canyon West.

4: Sky-walking

If you don’t want to take your car and you are not into hiking, then you could always opt for biking across the Grand Canyon.

5: Biking

The Grand Canyon Railways are a great way to go back in time. Developed especially for tourists, the railway features strolling musicians, cowboy characters, and even some ornery train robbers set the scene for a day of family fun.

6: Take a Train

Above is better than below. Tourist businesses offer helicopter rides so visitors can view the Grand Canyon from above.

7: Helicopter View

You’re most probably not going to be able to access all areas of the Grand Canyon and you will certainly miss out on some great views and scenery.

8: IMAX Experience

National Park Service Rangers give informative walks and activities at the Grand Canyon.

9: Interactive Trips

What is a tourist site without a bus tour? The Grand Canyon also offers a guided motor coach tour of the Grand Canyon.

10: Bus Tour

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