The Globe Series will select the MLB's top teams as well as the world's best clubs. Each league's champion plays in a best-of-seven final series (AL).

All five teams have won three World Series. But it's the Cubs who have won the most World Series. They won it 11 times, in 1907, 1908, and 2016!

#10 Chicago Cubs

It was founded in 1881 and has made the World Series 7 times, winning in 1909 (1925), 1960 (1961), 1971 (1979). The Pirates have won 9 EL championships and 9 NL Pennants.

#9 Pittsburg Pirates

The Tigers are the only Western League team still in their home city, with four World Series appearances to the Pirates' one. They've won 11 AL Pennants and 7 Divisions.

#8 Detroit Tigers

The NL Central division team is one of the USA's oldest. Nine times they've made the World Series and won it five times (1919–2010). Their 9 NL Pennants.

#7 Cincinnati Reds

The Brooklyn-based Western Division moved to Los Angeles in 1883. Between 1955 and 2020, they made the World Series 20 times, winning 7 times. With 23 NL Pennants and 17 WDL titles.

#6 Los Angeles Dodgers

Most recognizable MLB logo! The Red Sox are in the AL East. A total of nine world series titles have been won since 1901 (1903–1922, 2007–2018). They've also won 14 AL Pennants and 10 EDL

#5 Boston Red Sox

The A's are in the AL West Division, but they caused most of their damage in Philadelphia. They have 9 World Series wins and 14 postseason appearances. In 15 AL Pennants and 16 West Divisions.

#4 Oakland Athletics

Only the Giants have one. They took the Dodgers to 20 World Series. And 1922. Franchised in 1883, San Francisco 8 West ML Pennants

#3 San Francisco Giants

A member of the NL Central, the Cardinals have won World Series in 26 consecutive years (1926-2011). They've been to 19. They've won 13 Central Divisions and 19 NL Pennants.

#2 St. Louis Cardinals

Yankees lead. A 27th World Series appearance! They've won two World Series! 1936-1939, 1949-53, 4 wins And the most successful MLB and global baseball team.

#1 New York Yankees

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