It's the home of southern comfort and sweet peaches, Georgia is a state that is ingrained with deep history and rich culture.

You haven’t been to Georgia if you don’t stop by Savannah. You can really fall in love with everything in Savannah, from the cobblestone streets, and leisurely pace of the residents.

1: Savannah

A stark contrast from the lazy afternoons in Savannah, although Atlanta is still undeniably southern, it just happens to be filled with skyscrapers.

2: Atlanta

This national wildlife refuge is home to a diverse population of plants and animals, as well as the native Okefenokee tribe itself. It is the largest swamp in North America.

3: Okefenokee Swamp

Cumberland Island is another wildlife refuge, close St. Mary’s, Georgia. It highlights untouched shorelines and spots of notable landmarks and in addition natural surroundings home to an assortment of creatures and vegetation.

4: Cumberland Island

The similarities to the Grand Canyon are immediately apparent when approaching the Providence Canyon State Park.

5: Providence Canyon State Park, Lumpkin

Before you reach the Appalachians, you are greeted with an exquisite and luxurious resort known as the Callaway Gardens.

6: Callaway Gardens, Pine Mountain

Go on an adventure up north to see the Tallulah falls. This is another state park in Georgia that houses an important geographical life force of the state.

7: Tallulah Falls

After you’ve visited Savannah, why not stop by and see the Golden Isles of Georgia? Just follow the coastline south until you reach the main island, which is where all the action is at.

8: Golden Isles of Georgia

One of the most revered presidents of the United States, Jimmy Carter’s hometown is where he championed policies that uplifted and empowered the poor.

9: Jimmy Carter National Historic Site, Plains

Who knew that Georgia could contain so much beauty of this caliber? A stunning 729 foot tall waterfall rushes atop the mountain range, down below where life is lush and active.

10: Amicalola Falls

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