Florida is young and old. Florida is hot for three-quarters of the year, making it a great place to escape the winter chill and sunbathe.

If you haven’t been to Orlando, then you’re missing what it’s like to be surrounded by magic and adventure around every corner.

1: Orlando

If you want to explore the vibrant cultures of Latin America without actually traveling to one of the region’s countries, Miami is the pinnacles of latino communities in America.

2: Miami

Tampa is the best place to go in Florida to be introduced to the Gulf. This is a city that is not too busy and has a lot of great natural attractions. 

3: Tampa Bay Area

The most famous and farthest island to the south of Florida, Key West offers a breath-taking view of the chain of islands that make up the Florida Keys.

4: Key West

This city is famous for its iconic canals that resemble that of those in the famous city of Venice, Italy.

5: Fort Lauderdale

You can get to Sanibel Island via Fort Myers. This tranquil little escape is like a private commune surrounded by lush wildlife and plenty of white sandy beaches.

6: Sanibel Island

Before leaving for Sanibel Island, take a look around at this popular beach town.

7: Fort Myers

Naples is one of the hottest real estate endeavours for the affluent and famous, with the average house costing over $50 million.

8: Naples

The oldest city in Florida, and, arguably the entire country. Spanish Colonialists left their mark after being under the rule of King Phillip II.

9: St. Augustine

This one-of-a-kind national park is part swamp, prairie, and mangrove system, living in perfect harmony.

10: Everglades

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