No matter how suave or successful you are with the girls, sometimes it feels like you reside in an area with few single people who are your type.

DC is not just the literal capital of the country, it is also the proverbial capital for finding sexy, young professional, and confident women to hook up with.

1: Washington, D.C.

NYC is not DC, but its male-to-female ratio is similar. You don't have to live in Times Square to be surrounded by gorgeous women.

2: New York City, New York

Miami has great beaches and bikinis. Miami's mix of Latin culture, luxury, and carefree lifestyle is hard to match.

3: Miami, Florida

Similar to NYC, yet providing its own unique charm, ladies in Boston are the pinnacle of Northern culture. 

4: Boston, Massachusetts

The South's Boston/NYC. Rich entertainment culture, legendary bars and clubs, flirty southern sweethearts. Nashville's living costs are low.

5: Nashville, Tennessee

If you want an excellent cross-section of the South, Austin, Texas is where it’s at.

6: Austin, Texas

If staring at bikini-clad women and living a raucous nightlife is your idea of fun, L.A. is like no other place in America.

7: Los Angeles, California

It is the hidden gem of the Midwest, Chicago is seen as the real city of “brotherly love” in that single women here are much less reserved than most big cities.

8: Chicago, Illinois

Often cited as a great place to go and retire, the same reasons that back that statement up also apply to those who are looking for love.

9: Seattle, Washington

Another great city, where women outnumber the men, the bachelor life in Philly is not too bad.

10: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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