Because it's summer, there's bound to be a street festival in your area on any given Saturday.

Party at a Chicago street festival

This summer, make sure to take advantage of the beautiful lakefront that the city has to offer.

Have a lazy day at the beach

Find a friend to hang out with, a few blankets, and some munchies.

See an outdoor movie

Get your hands on tickets for Lolla, Pitchfork, Riot Fest, and other upcoming events.

Rock on at a summer music festival

You can get something to eat and drink at these establishments that are located on the water by the river or the lake.

Dine by the water

Place your order for beverages and beers to savour at this elevated perch above the city.

Sip a drink on a rooftop

Visit some wonderful art galleries while you cool off in the refreshing air conditioning.

Visit a Chicago museum

On a day that's blisteringly hot outside, there's just one thing that can effectively cool you down: water.

Eat some ice cream

When you dine outside, everything tastes better than when you eat it indoors.

Dine outdoors all season long

Exploring Chicago's public art on a day that is both warm and sunny is the perfect way to spend the day.

Explore the city's public art

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