Viral Video of Husband Wife Fighting in the Middle of the Road

Videos that people find intriguing are constantly spreading like wildfire throughout social media platforms in this age of the internet. A great number of videos could take you by surprise.

These days, a video showing an argument between a man and his wife is widely circulated on the internet, and viewers often make humorous comments in response to it.

Viral Video of Husband Wife Fighting

This video was uploaded to Twitter and posted by a page called Hasna Zaroori Hai. An argument is taking place between a couple of middle age in the short film that is 15 seconds long.

In the video that has gone viral, the lady can be seen attacking her husband with a spoon and a knife while they are walking down the road.

The man is successful in snatching the cooking utensils away from his wife’s grasp. During the argument, the wife strikes her husband while he is reaching for the cooking utensils in an attempt to retrieve them.

This video has been viewed by more than 80,000 people up to this point. People have a variety of opinions regarding the video that is gaining widespread attention.

One user said that it’s for the best that I’m not involved in a relationship right now.

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