Who is Sssniperwolf OnlyFans Hot Videos & Instagram Merch best biography 2022

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Who is Sssniperwolf OnlyFans?

The American channel SSSniperWolf offers gaming and cosplay videos. With more than 30 million subscribers, SSSniperWolf is quickly becoming a YouTube sensation, and everyone is talking about and visiting.

YouTube channel Sssniperwolf does not only feature videos about video games and cosplay but also allows viewers a peek into the life of this remarkable English-American YouTuber.

The article will share SSSniperWolf’s lifestyle and YouTube journey, a world-renowned YouTuber. The SSSniperWolf website has everything you need to know about the program.

Sssniperwolf OnlyFans
Sssniperwolf OnlyFans

OnlyFans Sssniperwolf Biography

Who is SSSniperWolf? The popular English-American sensation known as “Sniper Wolf” goes by the pseudonym SSniperWolf. She is a sensation in the United States. The artist was born in Liverpool, England in 1992. In fact, when she was 6 her family moved from Canada to the United States, where she has lived ever since. The oldest of four siblings, she has lived in the United States since then.

It explains her unique and attractive features that she is of Greek, Turkish and Iraqi descent. Playing video games as a child was the first time SSSniperWolf encountered the technology. In one of her videos, ‘Weird Girl’ explains that she has different interests and likes video games but wanted to prove that girls can do so too.

She successfully broke the stereotype of video games and girls through a YouTube channel dedicated to video games. In response to her addiction to video games, her father bought her a PlayStation 1, which at the time was extremely unusual for an eight-year-old girl.

She still admires Metal Gear Solid today due to how captivated she was by the game. It was not only Lia’s first game, towards which she became quite serious at the age of 7, but it also played a crucial role in her YouTube career.

Besides being an influencer on social media, he has worked with a wide range of companies and organizations to help them market themselves. The video game company EA, Ubisoft, and Disney are some of Lia’s favorite companies.

She also enjoys recording videos and playing Call of Duty: Black Ops II. In assessing Lia’s influence, she received a score of 72 based on her immense fan base. She took home the ‘Gamer of the Year’ award from the Kids Choice Awards in 2019 along with her other awards. The majority of Lia’s income comes from YouTube, a factor of $7 million in her net worth.

Only Fans Sssniperwolf Wiki biography

Full NameAlia Shelesh, Lia Shelesh
BirthdayOctober 22, 1992
Famous AsYouTuber, Gamer, and Social Media Personality
Zodiac SignLibra
Net worth$5 million US Dollars
BirthplaceLiverpool, England
Heightfeet and inches- 5’4”
Weightkilograms- 52 kg
Body Measurements35–24–36
Shoe size6 (US)
Marital statusUnmarried
BoyfriendEvan Sausage

Sssniperwolf Age 2022

how old is sssniperwolf? She was born on October 22nd, 1992. As of 2021, SSSniperWolf is 29 years old.

Sssniperwolf Boyfriend, Affairs and More

The couple began dating in 2013 after becoming similar YouTubers, Evan Sausage and Alia. The couple described their meeting in a YouTube video from 2015 entitled How I Met My Boyfriend. The meeting was initiated by Evan sending her a message.

They became fast friends after they began interacting online and began messaging all day long via text and Skype. It took them quite a while to meet and buy a house together, despite the rough beginnings of their relationship.

The sausage had moved out of the house after she disclosed in a May 2016 video titled We Broke Up that she and he had separated. She was also told that Sausage had fled to Las Vegas and hadn’t been in touch with her.

They were back together by June 2016, she stated in a video entitled We Got Back Together. The relationship was short-lived even though their romance had been reignited. SSSniperWolf then posted another video explaining that she and

SSSniperWolf were no longer together, but remained friends and still lived together. She once again referred to Sausage as her boyfriend a few months later. As he became more and more involved in her videos, rating her outfits, and doing pranks, he gained more and more followers.

Sssniperwolf Family

Her parents spoke Arabic to her and her siblings when she was a child. She grew up in a family of immigrants in the United Kingdom. Ranya Shelesh’s siblings are Paul Shelesh, Bakir Shelesh, and Bakir Shelesh. Evan John Young, who is both her boyfriend and her former boyfriend, is not in a relationship.

Neither the woman nor Evan John Young plan on having children any time soon. As well as DigitalNex, the woman is also close friends with Greta. Additionally, Vy is Vy’s girlfriend, the one that DigitalNex (Chris) dates. She is friends with fellow YouTubers such as Dang Matt Smith, Ricegum, Lilly Singh, and FaZe Rug as well.

She also gained the friendships of several cosplayers, gamers, and anime fans throughout her career. According to her, she liked making friends with YouTubers very little because she was shy and worried about drama. AzzyLand and PewDiePie are friendly rivals, but their rivalry is also competitive.

Sssniperwolf OnlyFans Education

Shelesh enrolled at Glendale Community College in the last semester of his high school career. Afterward, she enrolled at a university in a pharmacy program before switching to nursing. Despite having completed her prerequisites,

she chose to take a few months off of her studies. Her tweet in June 2015 mentions she hopes to return to school for a degree in game design. So far, she has not followed through on this plan.

Sssniperwolf height, weight, etc.

  • Height –5′ 4″
  • Weight – 52 kg
  • Body Measurements – 35–24–36 (Breast: 35 Inches, Waist: 24 Inches, Hips: 36 Inches)
  • Eye Colour – Dark Brown
  • Hair Colour – Blonde

Sssniperwolf OnlyFans YouTube

Lia began her career as a YouTube star in 2013 and has 35 million subscribers, making her one of the top female YouTube stars. More than 2.3k of her videos about games have been viewed. Her videos have been viewed an average of 5.3 billion times. Aside from that, she posts videos of herself wearing cosplay for her huge audience to watch.

She shares a lot about her personal life on her YouTube channel, as well as taking part in trending challenges on various subjects. In addition to gaming, her videos are mostly about lifestyle and entertainment, according to SocialBook statistics. Along with her love for video games and arts and crafts, she is also extremely obsessed with DIY, baking, and makeup.

In addition to all her side interests, Lia Wolf has a separate YouTube channel called LittleLiaWolf where she posts 94 videos and has approximately 2.21 million subscribers. She created this YouTube channel in 2014 so that each of her interests could be linked.

Additionally, SSSniperWolf has captured the hearts of every gamer with her title of ‘The Queen of YouTube. In addition to being one of the top influencers, Lia is highly sought out by brand communities as well. The cost of 1000 views for her is somewhere between $15 and $17, according to the social book website.

Sssniperwolf OnlyFans Carrier

The birth of Alia Marie “Lia” Shelesh took place on October 22, 1992, in England, United Kingdom. Born in Greece but raised in England, she grew up in a middle-class home. After moving to the United States in her childhood, she studied in the United States. Besides having a sister and two younger brothers, Ranya Lasagna also does YouTube videos.

When Lia was a child, her parents gave her a Playstation, and she hasn’t looked back since. Taking her name from the antagonist of Metal Gear Solid, SSSniperWolf, Lia earned the nickname SSSniperWolf. Her Twitter bio indicates that as of September 2021, Lia has more than 11.3 million followers, more than 5.2 million followers on Instagram, 1 million followers on Twitter, and more than 16.8 million followers on TikTok.

The second channel, Little Lia Wolf, has attracted more than 3.59 million subscribers. Founded in 2013, her channel has more than 98 million subscribers. In the ensuing 17 years, Lia has gained millions of subscribers and viewed 17 billion videos. Her channel had been primarily a gaming channel when she first started, and she enjoyed playing Call of Duty.

She shifted the focus of her channel to gaming-related videos, DIY videos, and home improvement videos in 2017. By the end of July 2020, English channel Lia had broken the record of being the most-subscribed female channel. Lia began her second YouTube channel, Little Lia Wolf, after the success of her first channel. There, she offers crafts, DIY projects, and different types of activities.

Her Instagram account is not only filled with anime cosplay photos, but she also posts other lifestyle content. His work with a variety of brands, such as Disney, EA, and Ubisoft, can be found on YouTube. He was later cleared of the charge.

According to the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards for 2019, Lia was among the top nominees for gaming. However, she faced a lot of backlash after the announcement. Several people thought she wasn’t a real gamer anymore since she started to tone down her gaming content.

It was still her who won the award nonetheless. The former YouTuber and fellow YouTuber Evan Sausage were previously dating. A wide variety of merchandise for the Wolf Pack can be bought through Sssniperwolf’s official website, including hoodies, phone cases, and more.

Sssniperwolf onlyfans, Instagram, Reddit, etc.

  • Sssniperwolf Instagram
  • Sssniperwolf Facebook
  • Sssniperwolf Twitter
  • Sssniperwolf Youtube
  • Sssniperwolf Tiktok
  • Sssniperwolf IMDB
  • Sssniperwolf Reddit
  • Sssniperwolf Snapchat
  • Sssniperwolf Twitch

Sssniperwolf Onlyfans Images

hot sssniperwolf
Who is Sssniperwolf OnlyFans Hot Videos & Instagram Merch best biography 2022
hot sssniperwolf
Who is Sssniperwolf OnlyFans Hot Videos & Instagram Merch best biography 2022
hot sssniperwolf
Who is Sssniperwolf OnlyFans Hot Videos & Instagram Merch best biography 2022

Sssniperwolf Onlyfans Videos

Sssniperwolf Net Worth

Net worth estimated by Celebrity Net worth at $5 million by SSSniperWolf.

OnlyFans SSSniperWolf No Makeup

The YouTube video BOYFRIEND DOES MY VOICEOVER | MAKEUP TUTORIAL, offers us a glimpse of SSSniperWolf without makeup. Here her boyfriend Evan Sausage narrates the video.

Where Does SSSniperWolf Live?

In 2019, she acquired a beautiful house near Las Vegas for $2.9 million. The 5,000 square foot house that SSSniperWolf lives in has 3 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. Finished in 2018, the home has 3 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. This home also boasts views of the Las Vegas strip, an infinity pool, a wine cellar, a theatre, an outdoor kitchen, pocket walls, and an entertainment area.

Sssniperwolf OnlyFans Controversy

Exposing GirlGoneGamer

In a video posted a few months later, Alia claimed that GirlGoneGamer’s Call of Duty Let’s Play videos was faked and exposed her.

Sued By Enigmahood

Alia called Engimahood a “convicted s*x offender” in a video published on 10 August 2016. She has since been sued by Engimahood for defamation. On September 29, 2017, Alia was found not liable for a defamation case brought by Enigmhood because he was unable to prove that her remarks adversely affected him locally. Eventually, a case was filed against him, and he spent two days in jail as a result.

Accused Of Lying About Overwatch Rank

When Alia claimed that she reached the top 500 in Overwatch by herself, she was accused of lying in February 2017. Sylvibot suggested that another player had boosted her account with the help of another player. In addition to the original top 500 videos, Alia also posted a comment on those videos. In a video posted on the 24th of October, Sylvibot addresses Alia’s claims once again.

Exposed By FaZe Censor

The FaZe Censor revealed Alia’s identity in July 2017. Evan Sausage and Alia were believed to be the senders of fake messages. Even though this was the case, Censor went to Verizon and recovered his old text messages, as well as his conversations with Alia. After receiving older text messages from Verizon, FaZe Censor was violently threatened with a lawsuit.

Good Mythical Morning

A lot of dislikes and negative comments led to the cancellation of Alia’s appearance on the Good Mythical Morning video the following week.

Exposed By Nerd City

This video shows Nerd City’s MaxMoeFoe and Rusty Cage addressing Alia’s hypocrisy regarding her comments about other women by highlighting her consistent photo manipulations.

Kids’ Choice Awards

On March 23, 2019, Alia was given the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards for Favorite Gamer. On May 2, 2020, she was given the award again. The internet has reacted negatively to her because she primarily posts reactions rather than original content, which may make her appear not to be a true gamer as of 2019. The people with more gaming-related content are clearly Markiplier, JackSepticEye, and Ninja, despite their nominations for Favorite Gamer. Comments on her nomination soon turned insulting as individuals advanced theories to explain her victory.

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