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Welcome to During this article, you’ll discover the Necessity is the Mother of Invention Essay 300 to 500 Word. It is important for us to understand that ‘necessity is the mother of invention’, as it proves that every important invention has been driven by a need and a desire to overcome difficulties. You’ll share the post along with your Companions as all examination material is free of cost.

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It is important for us to understand that ‘necessity is the mother of invention’, as it proves that every important invention has been driven by a need and a desire to overcome difficulties.

The lesson teaches us that when facing adversity, there is no alternative but to find and implement solutions no matter how big or small they may seem. In order to solve problems in an innovative manner, we have to look for new methodologies.

Short Essay on Necessity Is the Mother of Invention Essay in 300 Words

A Latin proverb says ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’, that is to say, inventions are born out of necessity. Saint Augustine went one step further than that when he said “Necessities do not imply Law”. It doesn’t matter what the law is, necessities simply mean that when a scientist is convinced that the human race needs a given facility, he attempts to invent ways to meet that need. Despite existing laws and conventions, he circumvents them.

Throughout history, men have been inventing things to improve their safety, comfort, and even their luxurious lives. He created the fire probably as his first invention. He was safer from dangerous beasts and was safer from the cold, as well as he could cook more food with it. People have been inventing things to satisfy their needs for a long time.

When animal skins didn’t suffice for clothing, he gave sheep to a shepherd and made woolen clothes. In his opinion, cooler clothes would be better. This is how cotton came into existence. In response to the lack of meat in the world, man developed food grains from seeds found in nature.

Ambition is in human nature, but man does not live for food, clothing, and a house. It is in his nature to be ambitious. Human feelings motivate him to help those in need. In his mind, that which opposes him will be crushed. Both of these carvings of the human race are responsible for some of the noblest, as well as most destructive, products.

As a result, he led to the invention of X-rays, various drugs, and anesthesia to numb the organs during surgery. To preserve life, several hundred instruments were invented. He invented nuclear bombs, missiles, satellites, and various agents of destruction for the sake of being the most superior.

Conclusion-Man needs to communicate with others in order to come up with sober ideas. Using his invention, he invented ways of communicating. Over the centuries, hundreds of toiling years have exhausted the physical and mental ability of the settlers. To fulfill the latter, he created a robot, and to fulfill the former, a computer. Unlike machines, we are not machines. There are emotions and feelings in it.

Relieving tense emotions and hurt emotions requires recreation. Aside from movies, radio, television, videos, and video games, he invented the radio and television. He has now surpassed the boundaries of space with his ambitions. The planets that he has ruled are Venus and Mars, but he has sent a satellite to cross both worlds. Perhaps it’s a fictitious necessity. Even so, it has led to the creation of a spaceship.

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Long Essay on Necessity Is the Mother of Invention Essay in 500 Words

You can find below an extended essay on Necessity Is the Mother of Invention Essay comprising 500 words, followed by a short essay of 100-150 words, on the topic, written in English. In most instances, the essay “Necessity Is the Mother of Invention” is assigned to students in grades 7, 8, and 9.

Psychologists say that the drive to satisfy need is a constant throughout life. Among the influences that Ned has on our behavior are emotions, motivations, and habits. An ideal man would exist in a state of neutrality without needs.

In addition, man only discovers something he needs when it becomes necessary to do so, according to the proverb “Necessity is the mother of invention”. Man’s desire to enhance his quality of life drives him to make inventions. Throughout history, cycles have been occurring since the Stone Age.

It is impossible for a man to be happy with what he has. Despite having a lot, he always strives for more. There isn’t necessarily anything wrong with men’s desire to do things better; it could simply be their ambition to go higher and be better. There are certain things that mankind feels they need, and they feel that their path to greatness is being obstructed by the absence of certain items. He keeps inventing new things and discovering amazing new tools due to this need. In this way, the invention has been influenced by necessity and the ever-growing desires of humanity.

A human’s survival was dependant on hunting animals and living in caves in ancient times. Wearing few clothes and eating raw meat, they lived in extreme conditions. Eventually, they realized that living in bone-chilling temperatures was too unbearable for them. There was a fear of dying from frostbite. Humans invented fire as a result of this overwhelming desire for survival. In addition to staying warm, they discovered that building a fire kept them comfortable. Roasting their hunted fruits using light was important to them because they understood food’s value.

Over time, the man became aware that they needed something that would make their lives easier and reduce their labor. They built the first machine because they needed a way to overcome their difficult work. It was then that he realized how easy transportation was made with the wheel. As everyone learned more about their jobs, they sought tools and instruments that would make their jobs easier.

Additionally, houses were invented for the purpose of addressing a need. A man felt that he had to live together with other men as a civilization. Those who live in more developed cities find it easier to live there. In an effort to build a sense of security, man invented ways to build homes, streets, and roads. His family and he knew it was unsafe for them to live in caves. As a result of violent attacks, man invented civilization to protect himself.

By taking an example, we can see how necessity and the need to create new and better things drive a man to create them. Technology in today’s world is wholly based on necessity. A man felt that communicating with people over a long distance was difficult. This led him to invent the telephone. No matter what technology you refer to, the internet or information technology, every invention occurred as a result of a need.

The needs of a person are rarely compromised. Whenever he suppresses his desires, it’s only those that are harmful to others. It is man’s goal to channel his overpowering urges for the benefit of society. Humanity has progressed and prospered through each invention. The motivation necessity provides is immense, and we should acknowledge our efforts for making life so much better for ourselves.

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Necessity is the Mother of Invention Story
Necessity is the Mother of Invention Story

Necessity is the Mother of Invention Examples

  • The first prison escapee tied together bedsheets to escape. He invented a rope using bedsheets bound together to escape; it required his wits to think of it. As the saying goes, “Necessity is the mother of invention.
  • The invention of wheels was the result of the need to move heavy loads easily from one place to another. The laws of necessity dictate that invention comes from necessity.
  • In the Stone Age, people invented spears made from stones in order to protect themselves from animals and also to hunt; thus, necessity is the mother of invention.
  • Necessity inspires invention, therefore.” that is true. Cars were invented because mankind needed a safe and convenient mode of transport. It is, therefore, true that necessity is the mother of invention.

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Necessity is the Mother of Invention Story

There once was a poor child who lived in a remote village in India. Sadly, his father was just able to feed his growing family as a carpenter. Buying toys for his son was out of the question due to his financial situation. The boy expressed a great understanding of his father’s limits and never demanded a toy. He also loved playing with toys, which he could play with for hours at a time since he was a boy. Cricket was his favorite sport, but his father couldn’t afford to buy him a bat and a ball.

A few days before, he was just sitting under a tree watching other children play with their toys. His mind went to how good it would be to have a toy of his own. Watching others and engrossed in his own thoughts, he was absorbed in his own thoughts.

Moments later, a gust of wind blew, causing fruit to fall from the trees and roll in front of the boy. In order to send the round fruit rolling again, the boy picked up a nearby wooden stick and hit it with it. After rolling the fruit again, the boy had an idea. After running home, he searched the house frantically for something.

His father had left him a triangular piece of wood that he found on the ground. The boy thought that this bat could serve as an excellent bat. A few moments after his father returned from work, the boy asked him to carve out a wooden ball for him. It was a joy for him to have a wooden ball made by his father.

This boy was so thrilled – finally, he had bat and ball to play with, and he didn’t have to spend a dime on them. Inventions are born out of necessity, and this statement cannot be more true than that. He had invented the bat and ball from basic materials available to him out of his need to have something to play with.

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FAQ’s on Necessity Is the Mother of Invention Essay

Q1. Why were weapons created?

Answer: As a protective measure against their enemies, various countries created weapons during wars.

Q2. What was the need behind creating the internet?

Answer: It was man’s thirst for knowledge and his desire to learn things easily that led to the invention of the internet. The software now allows him to access everything with a simple click.

Q3. What is an invention?

Answer: To be considered an invention, something must be new and unique, which allows us to advance.

Q4. Can fire be called an invention?

Answer: As an invention, fire can be regarded as important. The need for survival drove the development of this religious thought and its effect on society.

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