See Naomika Dimple Kapadia Granddaughter, in these Never Before Seen Photos

The neighborhood has a new kid, and her name is Naomika Saran. She is both the daughter and the granddaughter of the actress Dimple Kapadia. Her mother, Rinkie Khanna, is also an actor. The young woman, who is only 18 years old, is receiving a great deal of attention on the internet.

She is the most recent person to become famous on social media. Now, without further ado, let’s take a look at some rare images of her that will render you unable of uttering a single word.

Naomika poses with grandmother Dimple Kapadia

The warm expressions on both Naomika and her grandmother Dimple Kapadia’s faces indicate that they indeed share a unique connection. It appears that Naomika and her grandmother are quite close to one another.

Naomika enjoys an outing with cousin Aarav

It would appear that Naomika and Aarav get along famously given that they are cousins. People frequently see them having fun together, and it gives the impression that they like being in each other’s company.

Naomika is a fashionista in the making

It goes without saying that Naomika possesses an excellent sense of style. She exuded ease and self-assurance with her outfit, which consisted of white track pants, a white blouse that matched the track pants, a colourful bralette, and a handbag.

Naomika looks party ready

The short, black dress with shimmer that Naomika is wearing is an excellent option for a party because she knows how to dress appropriately for events.

Naomika shows off some Indianness

At the festival of lights known as Diwali, Naomika looked absolutely stunning wearing a yellow sari. She demonstrated that she can still look stunning even while dressed in traditional garb.

Naomika takes the internet by storm

It was an instant success on social media when Naomika’s aunt Twinkle Khanna shared a picture of her on Instagram to wish her a happy 18th birthday last year. The image was intended as a birthday greeting.

Like mother, like daughter

Beautiful features were passed down to Naomika by her mother, Rinkie Khanna, who was an actress in her own right. The year 2004 marks the birth of Rinkie’s first child, a girl named Naomika. After some time, Rinkie and Sameer Saran were blessed with the arrival of a son, who was delivered in 2013.

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