Describe My House Essay for Class 10 in English 100 Words

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Essay on My House: There are many types of people in the world. Those who have access to amenities are privileged, while those without are not. This is especially true for an economy like India, where most people are living below the poverty line. Here, owning a home is rare, and I am privileged to enjoy such a luxury. With a roof over my head and four walls surrounding me, I am blessed.

I am grateful for the blessing my parents have given me. It seems like most people in the modern world are always complaining about the things they do not have. Persons with houses want bungalows. The owner of a bungalow wishes he owned a palace. The person who lives in a palace wishes he had an island. There is no end to this cycle. When we look at the people who are below us rather than the ones above us, we are happier.

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Describing My House Essay in 1500 Words

There is a residential area in New Delhi called Shastri Nagar where I live. There is a lot of new construction in this house. This building was only built a year ago. The building consists of two floors. The ground floor of the house is occupied by my grandparents and my uncle. Our ground floor features a drawing-room, a dining room, a kitchen, and two bedrooms. First-floor apartment; we live there. Three bedrooms are located on the first floor, along with the kitchen. In addition to the dining room and guest room, the establishment includes a study and a study room. The study room is where my sister and I study.

Light and airy rooms characterize the hotel. All the floors have marble tiles. My parents have garlanded my house with images and pictures. We always keep our house neat and clean.

Fronting the garden is the open terrace. Having this in our house makes it more beautiful. Besides a water pump, my house has one as well. Watering the garden plants is something I do every day. Houses in my neighborhood are not as nice as mine. My house is very important to me, so I feel very proud of it.

The house I live in is very dear to me. My home is in Lajpat Nagar. There is no better colony in Delhi than this one. This house has been our home since 1980. The Ring Road is directly in front of our house. The house we live in is three stories high. On the first floor, where my sister and I live, there are two bedrooms, a large living room, a kitchen, and a storeroom. A good deal of care has gone into furnishing the rooms.

There is plenty of fresh air in all the rooms. The drawing room has been decorated by my sister and me. There is a sofa set, a dining table, and a TV. There is a large carpet in the middle of the set. Paintings decorate the walls. A small garden is behind the house where the kitchen is located. Watering the plants is a great pleasure for me. Flowers and vegetables have grown beautifully in them. My kitchen is equipped with all the necessary amenities. Shelves are used to store the crockery. A large almirah stores all the utensils.

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The kitchen is equipped with cooking gas. There is no clutter in my house. I feel at peace, comforted, and loved here. I am very pleased with my house. There is a ground-floor apartment for my dad and mother. Our guest house is located on the top floor.  It’s true in more ways than one that “home is the best” regardless of where you live. We find comfort and security in our homes. Having my mother, father, brother, and sister as my immediate family makes my home the best place in the world for me.

My family belongs to the middle class. Located in Lajpat Nagar, my flat is a cozy little apartment on the first floor. We have tastefully decorated our drawing room/dining room. This apartment contains a TV, a sofa, a fridge, and a dining table. My memories of our travels are evoked by the decoration pieces. Each bedroom has a double bed. I share one with my parents and my parents share the other with me and my sister. My brother and sister also work on their homework at the study table.

Despite its size, the kitchen is bright and airy thanks to the large windows. It is easier to keep it clean with the wall cabinets. We are a small, happy family where everyone takes care of the comfort and needs of others. Household chores are also shared by all of us. Our mornings are busy, and nobody has time to eat a meal when they are hungry. Our dinner is always together though. Sharing all the good or bad we experience throughout the day is what we do. Maintaining a clean and tidy home is important to us. Organizing keeps everything in order. My home is something I am proud of.

In addition to having a variety of different styles, features, and appearances, there are many different kinds of houses. Despite how different they may look, they all have the same definition, a place where one feels comfortable, safe, and settled. In my opinion, modern houses are beautiful. They seem to be more current and more attractive to me. My home is a two-story modern house in the center of the capital city of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh.

The first thing you notice when you see my house from the street is the tall trees surrounding it and the brickwork roof. At the top of the entrance hallway, you can see the huge chandelier as you enter the front door. Furthermore, you’ll notice the white marble staircase leading to the first floor. A large living room, one bedroom, and a bathroom can be found on the first floor. Two big sofas and a very nice massage chair can be found in the living room, which is my favorite room in my house. It has an amazing monitor so you can watch movies and have popcorn while watching movies at night!

It is extremely important to me that I live in my own house. The feeling that I get every time I close the front door after I get back from work is a pleasant one. You will never be able to achieve your dreams without a house you love. Living and raising a family at home is what makes us feel at home. In my opinion, it is the most beautiful place on earth. We feel safe in our homes when we sense danger elsewhere.

We share our joy with each other when we are happy. A home is a place that everyone loves. As a result, a poem by an English poet has been written: “Home, sweet home, there is nothing like home.”. The house I live in is situated in the center of the village. We are a family of six people. It consists of my father, mother, my grandmother, my grandmother, my sister, and me. Being the youngest of two children, I am the second in my family. So, I enjoy everyone’s love and affection, since I am the youngest member.

I grew up with an advocate for a father. The teacher is my mother’s profession. In our village, she teaches in a primary school. A student is my sister. Women’s College is where she studies. Both my grandma and grandpa adore my parents. They consider me to be their favorite grandson. Thatched houses are where we live. We live a simple life, as indicated by our house. Mud walls surround the building.

Four rooms are included in the apartment, including the kitchen and the drawing-room. The room adjacent to the kitchen is shared by my parents. Across the hall from the drawing-room, my grandmother and grandfather share a room. The storeroom is located in another room. A spacious courtyard surrounds the building. We also have two cows and a calf in the cowshed.

Having respect for my parents and grandparents is important to me. The commands I receive from them are always obeyed. I am not ready to part with my mother and grandma for even a moment. I am accompanied to school by my grandmother. Her last period is spent waiting at the school gate for me. Cooking is a family tradition.

Her job as a teacher requires her to prepare food in the morning and preserve it properly for lunch. I often help my mother with her work after my sister who stays in the college hostel comes to visit. Playing interesting jokes with my grandpa and grandma is sometimes a lot of fun. Gardening is something I enjoy very much. Flowers are watered whenever I feel like it.

My grandfather takes me to the cowshed when he goes to the cows. Calf kisses are often in my presence. People in my home who fall ill are taken care of properly by me. We have an uncle who comes to our family every month. The sweets he brings me are delicious. There are times when my father’s friends come here to dine.

I’m fortunate to have a host like my father. Every year, my mother invites teachers from her school to celebrate my birthday with me. The whole family comes and shares the joy with us. In my village, everyone respects my home. We are said to be living in a perfect house. It’s true in more ways than one that “home is the best” regardless of where you live. Security and affection are found at home. Having my mother, father, and sister as my family does make my home the best place in the world for me.

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Family members in my household are middle class. The first floor of my home in Essex is a cozy little flat. We have tastefully decorated our drawing room/dining room. In the dining room area dining table, a refrigerator, a TV set, and a sofa. My memories of our travels are triggered by the decoration pieces. Each bedroom has a double bed. The one used by my parents is shared by three of us, and the other by my parents. The study table, as well as the room, is shared by both of us.

In our small, happy family, each member takes care of their mate’s comfort and needs. The household work is also shared among us. We had a busy morning and everyone hurried to do their responsibilities. During the mornings we rush to finish our work, eat breakfast, and take food as soon as it is ready. Our dinner is always together though.

We share our day’s joys and sorrows with each other. Maintaining a clean and tidy home is important to us. The items are neatly arranged. As a resident of my home, I am proud of it. Our home is where we were born and lived. In my opinion, it is the most beautiful place on earth. We find safety in our homes when we detect danger elsewhere.

We share our joy with each other when we are happy. Home is where everyone loves to be. Located in Kumaran Nagar, my house is on the 13th floor. There is a lot of new construction in this house. This building was only built a year ago. Our apartment has two bedrooms, a kitchen, and a living room. In addition to the dining room and guest room, the establishment includes a study and a study room. Our study room has a window looking out to the backyard.

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My House Essay in 500 Words

A house is defined in a simple way as a structure built by humans as a shelter or a place to live. Their daily activities are carried out in their homes. Families construct houses to live in. Cared for and affectionately, a family turns a house into a home. The word “house” is used to describe a place of comfort, safety, and wellbeing.

About my house

As a resident of the Adarsh colony in Gorakhpur, I am fortunate to have a house. The house I live in belongs to a middle-class family, so it is small. My mother, father, two of my sisters, and grandmother live at my home, which is a sweet house.

In addition to the two bedrooms, one big veranda, the kitchen, the living room, and the washroom, we also have a small lawn outside for gardening and parking. Every year, my father ensures that the house is whitewashed and maintained. In front of my house, I have a vacant plot that is covered with various kinds of trees and plants.

I love the addition of this to my sweet little home. My sisters and I share a room that we have painted blue, according to our wishes. Our study room is the same as our living room. Rooms are always clean in our house. The way my mother keeps her house and even the grounds neat is one of her best qualities.

Our small house is home to a small, happy family. It gives me a sense of safety and comfort to live in my house. The house where I live holds many childhood memories for me. Our house looks beautiful when we decorate for festivals and celebrations.

An Underrated Blessing

One of the greatest blessings in life is owning a home. It is not hard to find a person without a home if you don’t realize it yet. Once you realize the value of owning a house, you will realize how blessed you are. It is not necessary for houses to be luxuriously furnished with all the latest amenities. In order for a house to be complete, it must have a roof over it.

There can be no greater blessing than the presence of your loved ones. Don’t let your house disappear before you realize its importance. Before that one incident that changed my view of my house, even I did not realize how precious it was.

Having house help when we were children was a big help. I remember that the maid who used to work for us always came early in the morning and left late at night. She never left early after I asked her to do so because she finished her work on time. Her work was extra. Her house was never really hers, we later discovered. A chair and a folding table were all that were in the hut. It was because of all the basic amenities, like electricity and clean water, that she liked spending the most time at our house.

My house was taken for granted until I experienced this incident. Other people do not realize how underrated it is. Don’t let it be too late to value our homes.


I enjoy relaxing in my house the most. As soon as we hear the house’s name, we are moved by an affinity. The house I live in is filled with blessings and positivity. I am fortunate to live in a beautiful house thanks to my family.

Essay on My House
Essay on My House

My House Essay in 200 Words

My grandparents, parents, and siblings live in the ancestral home where I grew up. Hard work was put into building this house by my grandfather. A patio, a kitchen, and two bathrooms are also included in this apartment. A lot of my house is more than five decades old.

The house I live in is beautiful to me. This photo is made even more beautiful by its vintage vibes. The patio of my grandparents has a small garden that adds greenery to the house. Additionally, there are two trees on the property. There’s a Pomegranate tree on one side and a Henna tree on the other. Besides providing shade, they also produce sweet fruits.

Due to the age of the house, the ceilings are very high. This building has a vintage switchboard that gives it an extremely unique appearance. The house I live in is located at the intersection of four roads. The house has no connection to another. I have four entrances from both sides of my house.

They always snap pictures whenever they visit my house. Its interior is a blend of modern and classic architecture, which is a big hit with my relatives. We have a brown and beige house in our neighborhood, which stands out.

My House Essay 400 Words


People usually say that food, clothing, and housing are the three most essential commodities for them. People tend to pursue these three aspects first and later fulfill other desires. Our minds are completely satisfied if we have a house to call home.

Description of My House Essay

Within my village area, a house has been built for me. While my father was serving in the military, we lived in an apartment that the government provided. However, my parents decided upon returning from their service period to live only in our village, knowing that it is peaceful there. My family already owned a house in my village.

Attributes – This apartment has five bedrooms, a kitchen, an attached bathroom, along a large veranda. Additionally, we have a small hut on the property. Summer proves to be the best season to live there. Houses in the suburbs are larger than those in the city.

There are lush green fields all around my house. As a result, it made us feel beautiful. As compared to the city, the pollution level in the village is very low. Although my house is located in the village, it is fully equipped with all the amenities. There is a very generous nature among people in villages.

I am surrounded by a small palace when viewed from outside my house. Every year during Diwali, maintenance and whitewashing are handled in our home. My house became a home because of my family. In addition to myself, my mother, father, and two brothers all live with us. We celebrate festivals as a family during which we reunite. Our house is full of memories that are special to us.

Utilization of Space outside My House Essay

Since our house stands on a private field, there is plenty of vacant space between the house and the road. There was a place in this space my father used for gardening and to house animals like cattle and dogs. The same required a little construction work as well. Animals and birds over there were provided with food and water. My house was an adorable place to live thanks to these activities and my family. I consider this area of the house to be one of my favorites.


For us, our parents have created a beautiful home. The feeling of security and liveliness that I get from my house is wonderful. Our house is a sweet home because of our family members’ love and affection.

Short Essay on My House
Short Essay on My House

My Dream House Essay 600 Words


Humans build houses for the purpose of living in them. Based on the climatic conditions and space available, there are different kinds of houses. A house can be an apartment, a single-family house, a bungalow, a cabin, etc. It depends on the amount of money people have and their needs.

Concept of House

From a young age, people are aware of the need for shelter. During the early days of human existence, people lived in caves to provide shelter and protection. During that period, life was disordered and unsystematic. With the increase in man’s needs, the scenario started to change. These advancements were only possible because of necessity. Houses are necessary for people to live with their families.

A house has to be constructed in an appropriate way, whether it is small or large. Needs and imagination play an important role in the creation of a house. This shows that the house structure continues to be renovated in accordance with the requirements.

My House

My family and I live in a one-bedroom apartment in Delhi. Four members of my family live with me. Having to pay large rents for small houses is quite common for metropolis residents. Despite the small house, we live in, we never realized how little space we actually had because of the warmth and affection of a family. Our two children have occupied the living area since there is only one bedroom.

Additionally, we have a small balcony, a kitchen, and a washroom. The walls of our house are painted and they are always clean. Despite the limited space, our small family can live comfortably. Across the street from our apartment is a park, which provides a nice view. A roof is also available to us, and we sometimes go there for fresh air. Although my home is small, it is properly maintained and I enjoy living there.

People who have a big family face many problems in metropolises. The big flats are expensive; therefore, most people live in small rented apartments and suffer from health-related ailments as a result of poor housing.

A Vision of My Dream House

We live in a small house now, so I wish for my own home in the future. Living in my dream home with my parents and sisters would be the best thing in the world. It is important that all facilities that a house has like proper restrooms, airy rooms, and working kitchens are available. The place that makes me feel the happiest, secure, and affine is the place I dream of instead of a large house. These are the features I would like in my dream house.

  • Good Ventilation and Spaces – Throughout my house, there must be proper ventilation and plenty of open space. In addition to airing out the house, it will also make it feel more alive.
  • Space for Garden – Gardening would be a focal point of my house, since plants purify the air as well as enhance the appearance.
  • A balcony Attached to my Room – There would be a balcony in my room that would allow me to see the outside. A house in my dream neighborhood would have a good view of either a park or a playground.
  • Lively Rooms – I’m planning to paint my house in different shades of colors so that the rooms will be vibrant and lively. To build a reading room in my house is something I want.
  • Water Harvesting System – A rainwater harvesting system would be installed in my house to collect rainwater and prevent it from being wasted.


A house is the best place where one can experience love, affection, and security. This is the place where we feel the most relaxed and at ease. As a family, we are making my house a lovely home and I love them for it.

Some Lines about the My House Essay

  • As a child, I dreamed of living with my parents and siblings in a dream house.
  • Ground-floor cottage with two bedrooms.
  • Houses should have large verandas, which should be attached to the drawing-room and dining room.
  • Two bathrooms should be attached to each bedroom and the kitchen should be spacious.
  • I want to live in a brick and cement home with marbles and tiles and all the modern amenities.
  • It should be well-ventilated and airy in every room of my home with huge bow windows.
  • My home should have walls that are light yellow in color, which will give the interiors a bright appearance.
  • Views of a playground and a park should be available from the balcony.
  • Outside my house, I’d like there to be a garden full of trees, flowers, and small plants.
  • Having a safe and comfortable place to call home should be my ideal of home.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on My House Essay

What is the root word for the house?

‘House’ derives from the older English word hus, meaning shelter.

Where did early humans live for getting shelter?

As a matter of fact, early humans found shelter in caves, tents, and the natural environment.

When did humans start living in houses?

A few thousand years ago, humans started building houses.

Why do mud houses remain cool?

A mud house keeps cool since mud is not a good conductor of heat.

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