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Essay on My Favourite serial | Essay on My favourite TV serial

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My Favourite Serial Introduction

Nowadays, we can see several TV channels, broadcasting serials. Many of them display comedy, suspense, horror, family drama, etc. When some watch the TV one can not consider eating, drinking, and doing any other job. However, all these programs are more or less similar. Their performers are usually the same. The storyline is also more or less parallel,

Serial of my choice- (My Favourite serial)

But nearby are one serial which is a lot of changes from all other serials. That is why it is my beloved and the name of that serial is: ‘India’s Most Wanted. As the name specifies the programmed has become India’s Most Wanted. This serial is neither created on comedy nor family drama. It is slightly different from the run of the crusher. These program goals at rejecting crime as well as exploitation from our nation. This program is offered its producer ShuaibIliyasi.

It is mostly based on crime. The serial advises us the whole background of the illegal, his physical arrival, nature, common habits, names, etc. It also lets us knows the zones where he usually compels the crime. To make a single period on a criminal the specialists have a fight a lot. They first collect all evidence about the criminal, and then make his bio-data and finally his picture with the help of the computer.

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Serial facts:

The serial has shown episodes on dissimilar big gangs who are indirectly maintained by some political leaders. This has exposed several secreted facts about dirty politics showing an element of criminal politician nexus. These governmental leaders, who pretend to be clean and truthful, are very smart they cheat the public by spreading corruption. However behind the scene hidden from the people. They just aim at increasing their vote bank by hook or crook. There is clear illegal trial and facts-The serial has shown episodes on numerous big politician connections.

Crime and Political nexus- (My Favouritetvserial)

India’s Most Desired serial is a good medium to expose the faces of this so-called political figure for the modern convicts, who have escaped after compelling crimes, crime has converted into a way of life and many of them increase with the permissions of politicians.

The show has already publicized episodes on the slaying of Gulshan Kumar, Reporter Rajendra Jain, AnimatorIrfaan, and several others. When the wanted criminals were shown in chapters, many of them themselves submitted before the police. And some other was detained. This could be done only by the struggles and courage verified by India’s Most Wanted.

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A Great Effort

The serial is a great step towards a superior and clean society. The bravery shown by the serial makes it really commendable. Mr. Shuaib is daring and brave in presenting such a serial which is helpful for the welfare and safety of the people. In spite of the danger from the criminals, he has sustained the serial with courage and willpower.

Message of the serial- (my favourite serial)

This program has clarified that the nation can be protected by us only if we came to release our duties with bravery. It has made us aware, attending and has encouraged us to fight against exploitation and crime.

The words vocalized by Mr. Iliyasi at the end of every chapter, i.e. Remember together we can and we will make a difference are very inspirational.

I like this serial because it has shown that where there is willpower there is a way. But unluckilyShuaibIliyasi has been concerned about the supposed murder of his wife AnjuIliyasi. So this important crime revealing serial has received a serious setback. Zee T.V. has stopped the broadcast of this serial.

At last, they prepare a theatrical form of the whole process accepted in the crime and present the same to the viewers. It shows the picture and biodata of the wanted suspect again and again and requests the audiences to inform about them at the phone numbers and address completely. It also promises the informer that complete privacy will be preserved.

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The performers chosen for the theatrical presentation are quite similar to the criminal and others. It makes the whole situation more natural even yet it is backbone chilling. The serial shows the brutality of the criminal and the pains hurt by the victims. It reproduces how creepy some people’s designs are, who for their egoistic objective, cause damage to human beings and even their nearby and dear ones.

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