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Short Bio. 

Also Known As Maurice Joseph Micklewhite. Jr

Birthday: March 14, 1933

Nationality: British

Date of Birth: 14 March 1933

Education: Wilson’s School, Hackney Downs School

City: London, England

Michael Caine was born Maurice Joseph Micklewhite (Maurice Joseph Micklewhite) into a working-class family in southeast London and was named after his father, porter in a fish market. Michael Kane is one of the most famous English actors in the post-war period, and he has converged on more than 100 films and is also famous for his distinctive working-class voice.

Along with being a good actor, Ken (Caine) is also a distinguished writer and has written nine books, including his biographies ‘What’s It All About’ and ‘The Elephants to Hollywood’.

Childhood and Early Life

Michael Caine was born on March 14, 1933, in London as Maurice Joseph Micklewhite. His father, named Maurice Joseph Micklewhite, was a porter at the billingsgate fish market and his mother Ellen Frances Marie was a cook and charwoman. From 1952 to 1954, he has also served in the British Army as part of the compulsory national service and took an active part in the Korean War.

On passing his eleven-plus exams in 1944, Michael enrolled at Hackney Down Grocers School(Hackney Downgrocers’ School). However, in 1945 he shifted to Wilson’s Grammar School in Camberwell, where under the guidance of his English teacher he began to take an interest in literature.


Michael Caine began acting in the 1950s, after working several places to realize he needed a lot of renaming in the entertainment industry to succeed. He first became Michael Scot and then inspired by Humphrey Bogart’s film “The Ken Rebellion” (1954), he changed his name to Michael Kane.

In 1956, Michael Kane made his film debut with “Nervousness in Parlor” (Panic in Parlour). But he also played a part of a UN deposit sailor ‘A Hill in Korea’ released in 1956, so he is considered his debut film. He also began to appear in small roles in television series. His first role on television was in ‘ The Adventure of Sir Lancelot ‘.

The first ten years of Kane’s acting life were the toughest. He was in a series of films, television and radio shows as well as stage productions. His big break came in 1963, when he was playing Mef in ‘Next Time I’ll Sing to You’ (Next Time I’ll Sing to You), a cockney comedy in the Bellwether Theatre in Piccadilly.

Stanley Baker, who made the film on the historic battle between the British and Julus, offered him a part of a high-class official in his film “Zulu.” He played several roles for TV and film on the epic film Zulu Zulu (1964) with his presence as a high-class English official with international fame. On January 22, 1964, the premiere ‘Zulu’, received extremely positive reviews and the film also helped Kane to gain international fame.

The film Zulu (1964) Zulu has been told of the epic siege by thousands of Zulu warriors against a British outpost. While fighting for death, the Englishman had managed to hold on against Zulus’ mass attack. However, it was his next film, “The Eptrace File” (1965), which actually made him a star. His portrayal of Harry Palmer earned him his first BAFTA nomination.

Personal Life & Legacy

Michael Kane married actress Patricia Haines in 1955. His daughter Dominic (Dominique) was born in 1956. They later divorced in 1962.

Major Movies

The romantic comedy-drama film “Alfie” (1966) was one of his major works of the period. In the film, Kane played a female chauffeur Alfie Elkins and earned two awards and three nominations, including nominations for the Academy Award for Best Actor. That same year, Ken traveled to the United States at the request of Shirley MacLain e.g. and appeared as Harry Tristan Dean, in front of him, in the ‘gambit’. The film was extremely successful and Kane received his second Golden Globe Award nomination.

‘The Man Who Will Be King’ (The Man Who Would Be King) (1975), directed by John Houston, is considered one of Michael Kane’s early major works. In the film, he co-starred with Sean Connery and the duo was highly appreciated for his beloved double performance and joker.

Ken considers ‘Educating Rita’ (1983) as his best job. He played the role of Dr. Frank Bryant in the film. It not only earned critical fame but also earned two major awards.

He started the next millennium with a period drama film “Quills,” which was a huge hit at the box office. Then came several more hits like ‘Miss Compatibility’ (Miss Congeniality) (2000), ‘Last Orders’ (Last Orders) (2001), ‘Establishment’ (Inception) (2010) and ‘The Dark Knight’ (The Dark Knight) (2008).

Awards & Achievements

Academy Awards(Oscars)

2000 Best Actor in a Supporting Role The Cider House Rules (1999)
1987 Best Actor in a Supporting Role Hannah and Her Sisters (1986)

Golden Globe Awards

1999 Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture – Comedy or Musical Little Voice (1998)
1989 Best Performance by an Actor in a Miniseries or Motion Picture Made for Television Jack the Ripper (1988)
1984 Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture – Comedy or Musical Educating Rita (1983)

BAFTA Awards

1984 Best Actor Educating Rita (1983)

People’s Choice Awards

2009 Favorite Cast The Dark Knight (2008)

Michael Caine Hit Movies

1. Secondhand Lions (2003):-   Comedy, Family, Drama

2. The Dark Knight (2008):- Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller

3. Zulu (1964):-   War, History, Drama

4. The Man Who Would Be King (1975):- Adventure

5. Sleuth (1972):- Mystery, Thriller

6. The Italian Job (1969):- Comedy, Crime, Thriller, Action

7. Get Carter (1971):- Crime, Thriller

8. Inception (2010):- Action, Adventure, Thriller, Sci-Fi

Some Notable Quotes By Sir Michael Caine

1 My circle of friends is not actors at all. None of them are actors, really, because there are not available. They’re always off somewhere.

2 I just try to play more and more difficult roles.

3 We should vote for the welfare of the country, not for the welfare of the party.

4 If you’re a gardener you don’t need a gym. […] You’re always carrying large sacks of manure all over.

5 I just work in order to improve myself as an actor which is what I’ve always done.

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