Michael B Jordan and Jonathan Majors’ Bond Sparks Controversy

Camron is getting criticized for what he said about how Michael B Jordan and Jonathan Majors look. The 47-year-old Harlem rapper posted two close-up photos of the Creed III actors on Instagram on Saturday (April 8). The photos came from a photoshoot that went along with a profile of the actors in The New York Times.

In the first black-and-white photo, Majors is hugging Jordan, and both men are looking straight into the camera. In the second picture, the men lean their heads against each other and look forward. The “Get ‘Em Girls” rapper wrote in the caption, “The reason I didn’t go see Creed.”

Killa Cam didn’t say exactly why he said what he said, but the comments seemed to question the rapper’s view on masculinity because the intimate photoshoot showed Jordan and Majors‘ friendship. Skillz, who has won awards for his songs, replied to Cam’ron’s point of view with his own post. “Smh, we are the worst people to ourselves.”

Michael B Jordan and Jonathan Majors' Bond Sparks Controversy
Michael B Jordan and Jonathan Majors’ Bond Sparks Controversy

Michael B Jordan and Jonathan Majors

I let all my friends know that I love them… Why? Because I do! It throws them off sometimes, but I don’t care because I’m going to keep talking nonsense. Tomorrow can’t be predicted. We all get older, and death is something that can’t be avoided.

“It’s already hard out here for black dudes, bro,” the battle rapper wrote at the start of his long caption. “You can’t even give or get love until you pretend it’s something else.” I don’t know Micheal B. Jordan, but I know that it was hard for him to lose Chadwick, just as it was hard for all of us.

Before he died, we made fun of him because we didn’t know how sick he was. Maybe Mike met Jonathan when he needed a friend, or a “bro.” Why can’t men have healthy relationships with other men without people questioning their manhood or sexuality?

Last week, I wrote, “Black men, it’s okay to smile in your photos,” but all I heard back was, “naaah, Ion don’t do that ish Skillz.” What do you not do? Smile? What’s wrong with that, if anything? “Well, the time we live in is weird as hell.” The caption said, “Y’all got it.” When you die and your family doesn’t have a single picture of you smiling, you’ll know.

The hardest death notice picture ever. You’ve won.” DJ Paul of Three 6 Mafia agreed with Skillz. He wrote, “My brother is missing out, because it’s a great movie!” “I’ve seen it five times, and I’m not just saying that because the theme song was in the trailer,” he said, adding a laughing emoji.

Lil Mo, a singer, said, “Heard you.” Because so many black people are dying. And because you never know what someone else is going through, you should always show compassion and mercy. So, BUL, whose real name is Hugging Michael, is about to be cooked because he has just been charged with domestic violence against the W woman.

This is crazy “Jonathon Majors was arrested last month on charges that he killed his girlfriend. Creed III came out on March 3, 2023, and in its first weekend, it made $58.7 million in North America and $41.8 million around the world.

“This has surpassed all of our expectations,” said Erik Lomis, MGM’s head of distribution at the time. “We knew we had something special because we tested the film and it did great, but the public responded so well,” he added. “Everything went perfectly here, starting with the film itself.” When they gave it to us, it was up to us not to break it, but we did.”