Maui Women Compete for Miss Aloha Hula Title

In a remarkable display of talent and dedication, three women from Maui who have been practicing the art of hula since their elementary school days are set to grace the stage at the 60th Merrie Monarch Festival in Hilo tonight. This prestigious event is widely regarded as the most famous platform for hula performances, and the trio’s upcoming appearance is sure to be a highlight of the festival.

Three women have been selected as contestants for the upcoming Miss Aloha Hula soloist competition, which will feature a total of 12 participants. Pohaikealoha Olikolani Artates from Halau Na Lei Kaumaka O Uka and Karlee Pohaikealoha are both included in the group.

In breaking news, Jill-Lyan Makanaokalani Mae-Ling Mamizuka from Halau o ka Hanu Lehua and Rita Chong Kee from Halau Kekuaokala’au’ala’iliahi have made headlines. The Merrie Monarch’s website has announced that the soloist competition is set to be aired today on KFVE from 6 p.m. to midnight.

Additionally, the competition will be broadcasted again on Friday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Waiohuli resident, Artates, 24, expressed that the Miss Aloha Hula competition is viewed as a significant calling and responsibility.

According to Artates, a 2016 Kamehameha Schools Maui graduate, she has been selected as the ‘olapa to represent the halau, a great honor for her. According to sources, Napua Greig is her kumu. Artates revealed that Hula has instilled in her the values of organization and purpose, which she applies to all aspects of her life.

Maui Women Compete for Miss Aloha Hula Title
Maui Women Compete for Miss Aloha Hula Title

Maui Women Compete for Miss Aloha Hula Title

According to Artates, the art of hula has not only given her a means of expressing herself through movements such as foot tapping, hand placement, and finger fluttering, but has also provided her with a sense of direction and organization in her daily routine.

According to her statement, she is participating in the dance competition this year with a much greater purpose in mind than just her own personal reasons. In a recent development, Artates has successfully obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Studies from Chaminade University located in Honolulu.

The degree was conferred upon Artates in the year 2020, and the individual also pursued minors in English and Political Science. In pursuit of her goal to practice corporate law, she is diligently preparing for her upcoming law school admission test.

Tonight’s ceremony holds great significance for Chong Kee, a Kamehameha Schools Maui alum, who expressed her excitement at being selected to represent her halau. Kee referred to this moment as “the greatest moment of my life.” According to the aspiring contestant, entering the Miss Aloha Hula competition is a dream come true for many hula girls.

She emphasized that accepting this obligation is a challenging kuleana. A 22-year-old Haiku native has been dancing with her na kumu ‘Iliahi and Haunani Paredes for 15 years. In a surprising turn of events, Chong Kee, who had an atypical heart condition since infancy, only began experiencing symptoms much later in her life.

At the age of 13, she underwent vascular ring surgery in 2014. According to her statement, she has been leading a normal and fulfilling life ever since. In a recent development, Chong Kee, a former student of Kamehameha Schools Maui, has been making waves as he pursues his nursing degree at the University of Hawaii Maui College.

Kee, who graduated from Kamehameha Schools Maui in 2018, has been working hard to achieve his goals and is now well on his way to becoming a qualified nurse. In addition to her current role, she is employed as a licensed nursing assistant at Maui Memorial Medical Center.

Mamizuka, a dedicated student of her halau, has been studying for a significant period, much like her fellow student Chong Kee. According to Carlson Kamaka Kukona III, Mamizuka’s kumu, she has been under his tutelage “since the tender age of five.”

According to Kukona, she is a student with an outstanding attendance record, having attended hula classes every week for nearly 15 years. In a statement, Mamizuka has expressed that his dances will honor and pay tribute to the Pele family. In accordance with the Merrie Monarch program, Mamizuka is set to showcase the hula kahiko, also known as the ancient hula, while performing to “Ke Ha’a La Puna.”

In a heartwarming tale, Hi’iaka’s dear friend Hopoe teaches her the art of hula in her very first lesson. In an upcoming modern hula performance, Mamizuka is set to dance to “Halema’uma’u,” a song that depicts the fiery realm of Pele. In the upcoming hula kahiko competition, Artates is set to perform a captivating piece titled “Aia I Maui Ku’u Lei Loke.”

According to the performer, the dance will transport the audience on a journey aboard the Lehua, one of Hawaii’s renowned steamships. The performance promises to be a delightful and heartwarming experience, showcasing the beauty of Maui from the east to the west.

In an upcoming performance, Artates will showcase her hula ‘auana skills to the tune of “Ka Pua o Ka Makahala.” This particular song tells the story of a lover who strays, with playful implications of infidelity woven throughout the lyrics.

In a stunning display of traditional Hawaiian dance, Chong Kee is set to perform the hula kahiko to the timeless melody of “Ka Loke” or “The Rose.” In a touching tribute to the late Prince Edward Abnel Keli’iahonui, his life was celebrated by taking him to the island of Kauai.

It was here that he discovered his maternal roots and established a strong connection to the land, known as pilina. In an upcoming performance, Chong Kee is set to showcase her hula ‘auana skills to the tune of “Wahiika’ahu’ula,” a Hawaiian phrase that translates to “to be wrapped in the feather cape.”

The newly christened entity has been bestowed with the moniker of Princess Abigail Wahiika’ahu’ula Campbell Kawananakoa, in honor of the esteemed consort of Prince David Kawananakoa Pi’ikoi. In a stunning announcement, the mele has declared that the princess is the fairest of them all.

In a recent statement, Chong Kee announced that she will be honoring Princess Abigail Kinoiki Kekaulike Kawananakoa through both of her dances. On December 11th, the princess passed away. In breaking news, it has been revealed that she is the grandchild and “keiki hanai” of Princess Wahiika’ahu’ula and the granddaughter of Prince Keali’iahonui.

The Merrie Monarch Festival is currently underway and will continue until Saturday. In breaking news, the highly anticipated group hula kahiko is set to take place this Friday, followed by the group hula ‘auana and awards ceremony on Saturday.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting event. In breaking news, Maui will now have a fourth halau representing them in the upcoming event. Halau Hula Kauluokala, under the leadership of kumu hula Uluwehi Guerrero, will be joining the three previously announced candidates’ halau. KFVE will be televising both shows starting at 6 p.m. For further details, please visit