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Essay on Life in a Big City– The life of a big city is constantly increasing and moving. Also, there are hundreds and thousands of possibilities for citizens in big cities to study and develop. In addition, they offer an opportunity to grow proficiently and individually.

Due to the spotlight in cities, people are likely to be smarter, and clever in similarity to the citizens who live in small towns and villages. Besides, the life of the city is extremely fast and only people with elegant brains can live there.

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Introduction of a Life in a Big City

Though India is mostly a territory of villages. There are a lot of metropolitan cities as well in the nation. Some of the metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata are extremely big. They have a populace of numerous millions. Life in these cities is pretty diverse from the life in cities.

Educational Life in a Big City

In big cities, we discover superior preparations for education. Big schools, yet universities are establishing there. Even a someone of the common man can give his sons and daughters the utmost education according to their ability. There are also bigger numbers both for boys and girls in all cities. They also offer libraries and reading rooms for community use. Such preparations do not be present in tiny towns or villages.

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Medical facilities in a Big City

Cities also offer medical services. In every city, there are high-quality hospitals in which the underprivileged obtain free medicines and curing. Lots of well-experienced private treatment centers are as well there to serve the ill and the suffering. Chance for amusement-Besides this, cities also offer several fine opportunities for enjoyment and exercise.

There are some residences and movie theatres in each city where we can enjoy the most excellent of movies and theatrical concerts. There are also some café and hotels where we can acquire food, tea, etc. of premium quality. There are also several parks and grounds where we can enjoy natural prettiness at its greatest. The bazaars of the city particularly when intensely lighted at night are enhanced than many shows and fairs.

Possibilities of Employment Life in a Big City

The mainly significant benefit of cities is the accessibility of the possibility of employment. They are the hub of employment and business. There are huge organizations as well as a huge number of factories and refineries. Peoples with each type of skill can simply get jobs to suit them.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Living in a Big City

Advantages of Life in a Big City

There are lots of additional advantages of city life city citizens are more sophisticated and educated. There we locate the chance of merge with the community from each country and every area of the country from overseas countries. We meet up with people who have dissimilar personalities, different opinions, and different traditions of living and thoughts. In this way, our point of view is become wider and views enlarged.

Disadvantages of Life in a Big City

Cities have lots of drawbacks as well. The statement of the English writer God made the country and manmade the town is fairly correct. In this city, we cannot have the benefit of the gorgeousness of nature as we can do in villages. City’s is life is artificial.

Man lives cut off from nature. He cannot understand the trinkets of birds and flowers, or the magnificence of the day end and the sunset as in villages, City living is very unhealthful. Air pollution, water pollution and have rigorous the city life into a nightmare. The smoke coming out of lots of factories creates the environment polluted.

The sky is constantly sheltered with black smoke. The populace gets no chance to respire free and clean air or to enjoy clear sunlight. Besides these rations in the cities is polluted and poisoned. We cannot get pure milk and ghee. The ration sold in the bazaar is complete. The villages experience no such problems.

Some Points on Life in a Big City Essay in English

  • Life of a big city appears with a large variety of conveniences that make your life suitable.
  • It is a model of modern evolution that creates a center of attention for lots of people.
  • You will get some job possibilities in a big city.
  • Sanitation adds to the attractiveness of city life.
  • Better convince lets you move everywhere you wish happily. However, high traffic on the road means getting late at your target.
  • The cities are heavily colonized, which makes it complex for citizens to travel around.
  • There is a serious pollution crisis that is harshly hurting the environment in these areas.
  • Residences are limited and expensive in such a city because of a rising migrant populace.
  • The majority of the goods are pricey, which makes it tough to live here.
  • Metropolitan cities have mutually excellent and terrible sides, so you have to make a decision about what you can settle in for a joyful living.

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Conclusion of a Life in a Big City

When you wish comfort in life you decide to live in a big city. You will enjoy some benefits and conveniences when you are earning well. You can’t have a complex life here as you’ll get excellent schools, hospitals, restaurants, malls, and transportation services. Also, job safety and highly developed facilities make life simple in big cities.

However, the big has several problems as well. First of all, everybody is in a rush in these areas. Work-life is so wild that parents don’t find time for their family. Besides, in our hard work to have a superior life, we are demolishing the nature around us.

People are cutting trees to construct more residences and industrial units. As a result, it leads to amplified air and water pollution. There is also a lot of traffic that once more distress the environment. Hence, Life in a Big City is enjoyable yet complicated. It’s up to you how ready you are to struggle with the harsh life of the city.

FAQ’s on Life in a Big City Essay

Q1. What facilities do you get in a big city?

Answer: A big city is full of conveniences such as schools, universities, libraries, transports, hospitals, malls, restaurants, theaters, etc.

Q2. Can I easily find a job in a big city?

Answer: There are no doubts some job possibilities in metropolitan cities. But it can become pretty tough to safe a place immediately due to high job demands.

Q3. Why is there too much population in a big city?

Answer: Due to highly developed services and factories, people come here also to enjoy a relaxed life or to earn superior that amplify the population of the city.

Q4. Is it beneficial to live in a big city?

Answer: Yes, it is if you have excellent earning and desire all the luxuries. But it will be hard for middle-class citizens to live on here because of the highly expensive.

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