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Farmer Essay: India’s agriculture sector accounts for more than 15 percent of its gross national product. In addition, millions of Americans find employment in the agricultural sector, which accounts for about one-third of the country’s total employment. We cannot ignore the strategic importance of this industry, which is why we must give our sincerest respect and admiration to Indian farmers.

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, whether it’s India, the U.S., or any other country, a farmer’s work, and dedication are the same. Throughout this farmer essay, we will focus our attention on Indian farmers and the various challenges they face with their work.


Farming is the backbone of society according to the present socio-economic structure. Farmer-produced food items comprise the majority of our diet. The farmers are therefore responsible for the livelihood of the entire population. No matter where they reside, farmers form the backbone of every nation in the world. Farmers contribute to the success of an economy by working tirelessly. The most influential people on the planet are these people. Despite rigorous activities to promote wellness, farmers in many countries still do not enjoy a decent standard of living.

Importance of Farmers in India Essay
Importance of Farmers in India Essay

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Importance of Farmers in the Society

Among the socioeconomic components of our country, farmers play an essential role. Food can be obtained from them. A vital part of our day-to-day lives is food, so farmers play a vital role in society. Farmers come in many varieties. There is no greater importance than the other. A farmer who grows wheat, barley, rice, etc. would be the first person on this list. Most Indian farmers grow wheat and rice since it is their favorite food and therefore, they play a crucial role in the economy.

In addition, since different types of fruits grow in different seasons, farmers must prepare the soil accordingly. In order to grow fruits and crops efficiently, farmers must be familiar with their requirements. Among other things, there are countless farmers who work on many varieties of things continuously. In India, farmers produce nearly 17% of the agro products that contribute to the economy.

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The Condition of Farmers

It has been many years since India has seen a satisfactory situation for farmers. The poverty that surrounds them is permanent. Middlemen are a major factor affecting farmers’ conditions. The middlemen prevent farmers from receiving direct market payments. Almost nothing gets back to the farmers because of these middlemen who keep the lion’s share of profits. Children cannot attend school, and they can’t even feed themselves. Consequently, they are forced to commit suicide because of this terrible condition.

Furthermore, global warming is a major contributor to this situation. Due to the global nature of this issue, farmers have been the most severely affected. Due to an inadequate supply of nutrients, crops are suffering. It’s becoming harder to predict when the season will start. In turn, season-specific crops cannot get the nutrition they need. There is a great deal of destruction taking place on farms due to these measures.

Several steps have been taken by the government to help farmers. Farmers have benefited from a variety of schemes implemented so far. Farmers have been exempt from all loans following a recent government announcement. In addition, farmers will receive an annual pension of Rs. 6000/- and all their children will be guaranteed a quota. It is indeed encouraging that the government has taken these steps.

Essay on Farmer
Life of an Indian farmer Essay on Farmer

Life of an Indian farmer

One day I mentioned to my dad, “How wonderful the lives of these people are.”. In response, my father laughed and suggested visiting a native village in Lucknow, which is our native village. Four years ago, I was a child and went to my village for the last time. My last visit had left me with too few details or to say it more accurately, I had no idea how a village looked.

My father and I boarded the train together and took a week off of work. This sparked a lot of excitement in me. My cousin (my relative) received us at the railway station and we congratulated her. He asked me, “What will we do when we get home?”? His bullock cart was displayed on this. My father said, “Son, this is just the beginning.” I responded, “What!”.

My first decision at home was to answer my phone. My question was, “Where is the bathroom?”? This was an open field that was taken to me. The villagers, including women, use the open ground because the village does not have toilets. As I continued to look around, I came across a broken house made of clay and bamboo, filled with old and tattered garments (of course not designer) worn by men and women who toil hard in the fields to earn their living.

Every household has a used pair of hulls and a bull that they use to illustrate the difficulties they face on a daily basis. Almost no homes had electricity connections, and even those that had electricity were using oil lamps because electricity was scarce. Using firewood or coal as fuel, food was cooked and smoke generated which in turn caused diseases of the lungs.

A coughing old woman came to my attention, and I asked, “Are you taking your medicine?”? There is no official clinic nearby, he said with an empty form and an empty sentence: “Beta, I won’t go to a private hospital.” I was told there is no money to buy medicine and go to a private hospital. I became quite emotional upon hearing this. Due to the inability to provide their basic needs year-round, Indian farmers face an inconceivable plight.

As my cousin worked in the fields, I decided to join him. My first sight of him was when he and some farmers were debating with some men. I heard they were bank officers who came to give formal notice of non-payment of EMI (to be paid). Due to the poor crop this time around, no one in the village could pay EMI this time.

After eating and sleeping for quite a while, I woke up and had some water. It was dark when I found Bantu (my cousin’s son) studying by candlelight. He replied, “Uncle, my tomorrow is a test.”. It was getting late, so I told him to go to bed. It gave me great hope to hear this as it showed that everything isn’t lost.

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Problems faced by Farmers
Problems faced by Farmers

Problems faced by Farmers

Climate change due to global warming (flood and drought)

Various factors are contributing to climate change, including global warming. Therefore, flooding and droughts are increasing in frequency and severity, causing extensive crop damage.

Lack of irrigation facilities

Most farmers depend on rain for irrigation, as they lack proper irrigation devices, such as diesel pumps, canals, and dams. Thus, if the monsoon is poor, then the crops will be bad.

Small landholdings

Small landholdings are the norm in India, and most farmers cultivate only a small portion of their land. Agriculture becomes unprofitable as a result.

Expensive seeds and fertilizers

There are many farmers in the state who cannot afford to purchase quality seeds and fertilizer. This results in lower production per acre because they are using inferior seeds.

Debt is not easily available

Investing in a farm is like investing in any other business. Poor farmers cannot afford to do so. Banks in the public sector have excessive paperwork and status. They must therefore turn to private lenders, who usually charge high-interest rates, and if the crop fails, they have a hard time repaying the loans.

Lack of awareness of new scientific methods

There are many farmers who are illiterate or have very little education. As a result, the farmers are not aware of new farming methods or scientific principles. Due to this, a toll-free helpline number has been set up so that farmers can ask their concerns.

Corruption at different levels

Because there is corruption at different levels, various schemes and schemes are not implemented properly and farmers are not able to benefit.

Solutions to improve the condition of farmers
Solutions to improve the condition of farmers

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Solutions to improve the condition of farmers

Fair insurance

Farmers will benefit greatly from proper insurance capabilities because bad crops can arise for a variety of reasons. Rather than the government paying the full or partial premium, it would be better if the government made partial payments or payments on behalf of the farmers.


In the event of crop failure, the government provides compensation to farmers from time to time. The measure should be considered temporary, not permanent.

Easy loan availability

The importance of this factor cannot be overstated. Farmers would benefit significantly if easy loans were provided to them, as they would be able to buy good seeds from the market.

Reducing corruption

Various schemes will benefit farmers if they are capable of controlling corruption. An essay on farmers will improve the farmers’ situation.


Agriculture is a profession that requires a great deal of effort and time. Our country’s farmers are its most valuable resource. It is only fair that they are treated like soldiers. Farmers still face a number of challenges that the government is not adequately addressing. Our nation cannot survive without the farmers in our country, so we must come forward to help them.

Long Essay on Indian Farmer 1000 words in English

A major part of India’s economy is agriculture. Agricultural production is essential to our prosperity. Indian farmers’ contributions are crucial to achieving this goal. As a matter of fact, India has a large farming population. We live in villages to the tune of almost 75 percent of our population. Everyone should respect a farmer from India. The grains and vegetables the country’s citizens consume are produced by him.

Indian farmers continue to till their fields, sow seeds, and reap their crops throughout the year. It is true that he leads a busy and challenging life. The mornings begin with him getting up early. His plow or tractor and bulls are used to plow the fields afterward. The farmer plows for hours in the fields.

A lack of proper market mechanisms has led him to sell his products in the market for a very minimal price despite working very hard. Despite his simple lifestyle, he tries to be as efficient as possible. A rural flair can be seen in his clothes. Even though many Punjabi, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh farmers also live in pucca houses, he lives in a mud-house. Besides a few bulls, a plowshare, and some acres of land, his property consists of some bulls and land.

Agriculturalists are at the very core of a nation’s identity. Lal Bahadur Shastri, our late Prime Minister, recognized the importance of Indian farmers in feeding a nation. He gave a slogan, “Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan.”. Therefore, he must have access to the latest farming implements to ensure that agricultural production is achieved. A better seed, fertilizer, manure, implement, and chemical for agriculture could help him grow more.

Essay on Farm Bill 2020

A large portion of India’s economy is devoted to agriculture. The agricultural sector is the main source of income for over 70% of India’s population. These farmers make sure we eat peaceably because of their hard work. Farmers like these provide food for entire nations, yet they are entangled in the fetters of poverty and starvation. There has been a recent push by the central government for the benefit of farmers and the agriculture industry. These bills are opposed by state governments and farmers.

Protests against these bills have taken place in the streets and on the roads throughout the country. On 26th January in Delhi and in Punjab in July, farmer’s tractor protests were held against these agriculture bills 2020. A Punjab Assembly resolution has also been passed on 28th August 2020 rescinding the Central Government’s ordinances.

What is Farm Bill 2020?

It is actually a combination of three bills passed by Parliament over the last few months. The bills are Farmers Produce and Commerce (Promotion and Facilitation) Bill 2020, Farmers Agreement (Empowering and Protecting) on Price Assurance and Farm Services Bill 2020, and Essential Commodities (Amendment) Bill 2020. A large number of structural changes will be made to the agriculture sector by these bills. In addition to encouraging corporate investment in agriculture ecosystems, the bills encourage the development of more profitable farming systems for farmers.

Benefits to Farmers from Farm Bill 2020

Farm Bill 2020 envisions the possibility of farmers selling their products on the open market as an alternative platform. The prices of farmers’ products can now be higher because they can sell them anywhere and to anyone. These trade areas will not be subject to APMC market fees or trade cess. Additionally, the APMCs will remain in operation. Farms now have more options for selling their farm products than ever before, and APMCs are now forced to compete.

Farmers now have the ability to sell directly to corporate buyers or exporters who purchase in bulk from them. As far as food grains are concerned, the Farm Bill 2020 retains the current MSP-based procurement method. Agricultural products will continue to be procured on the basis of MSP, and farmers can also sell their products at the current MSP in Mandi.

Government’s motive towards Farm Bill 2020

The government has periodically launched numerous schemes and programs for the welfare of farmers and the agricultural sector. The Farm Bill was introduced by the government in order to improve the well-being of farmers and the agriculture sector. A step that has been taken to boost the agricultural sector and double farmers’ income by 2022 has been taken by the Government.

Increasing competition in the market is thought to eventually lead to better prices as a result of opening up the agriculture sector. By selling directly to large corporations and exporters, farmers will induce corporations to invest in agricultural ecosystems. Farmers will also benefit from improved access to modern technology as well.

Why Farmers are protesting against Agriculture bill 2020?

New Farm Bill 2020 allows farmers to sell their produce in open markets and fix their prices themselves on mutual understanding of corporate and farmers. This has the potential to give farmers apprehensions if they could receive MSP for their produce. The agricultural sector is also threatened by large retailers and corporate entities with money power. A significant shift of trade to other alternate platforms will not result in APMCs becoming unavailable and shutting down in the future. As the man dies become redundant like MTNL and BSNL, farmers fear the extinction of their existence.

The Price Assurance Bill does not contain any mechanisms for fixing prices. Farmers are thus concerned that private corporate houses will exploit them if they are given free hand. Pulses, oilseeds, edible oils, onion, and potatoes are removed as essential commodities under the Essential Commodities (Amendment) Ordinance. As a result, the amendment aims to deregulate the production, transportation, storage, and distribution of these commodities.

Agriculture Bill 2020 Essay

Lawmakers have already passed Farm Bill 2020 or Agriculture Bill 2020. In the context of liberalizing agriculture, these farm bills would be beneficial. In the near future, we can find out if the new Farm Bill 2020 is beneficial or has disadvantages.

Essay on Farmer in 300 Words

Farmers are the strength and backbone of the economy of any country. The food we eat and the food Farmers provide us with the food we need to remain healthy and strong. The farmers provide us with everything we need to live on this planet, and, therefore, they are the most important and valuable persons in our lives. Approximately 17% of the economy of India is devoted to agriculture, according to statistics. Although farmers are crucial to society, they are not afforded the means to live despite being so necessary.

We hear many cases of farmer suicides every week or month in India because the farmers don’t have the respect they deserve. While they live such a difficult life, they still are not entitled to the privileges they deserve. Farmers generally lack basic rights as they are robbed of money and money by middlemen who trade vegetables and fruits.

There are a growing number of farmers committing suicide as they lack enough money to satisfy their basic life needs and so do such despicable things to satisfy them. The government does not compensate them for the destruction of crops caused by global warming. Their life becomes miserable as a result of this poverty and scarcity of resources.

Various steps have been taken to preserve the lives of farmers recently. They are free from all kinds of debt, and they also receive a monthly salary of Rs.6000 each so they can earn some extra money outside their profession. In addition, the government is reserving seats in schools and colleges for these children so that they will not be denied a quality education. Each of these measures is designed to improve their lives and to keep them healthy. Even though there is still a lot more to do for these people, these small steps will make a difference in their lives.

Indian Farmer Essay 10 Lines
Indian Farmer Essay 10 Lines

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Some Lines on Farmer Essay in English

  • We owe our country’s prosperity to farmers
  • A priority must be given to the farming community in order for the country to receive economic development.
  • Approximately 15% of India’s GDP comes from agriculture
  • Farmers in the country are distressed due to unpredictable weather conditions, improper pricing, and a lack of help from the government.
  • The suicide rate of Indian farmers is among the highest in the world.
  • During emergency situations, the Food Corporation of India buys products directly from farmers and stores them in cold storage.
  • Food Corporation of India’s involvement in the agriculture sector also helps maintain equilibrium in supply-demand dynamics.
  • Pulses are the most widely produced food in India.
  • India’s largest employment source is the agriculture industry.
  • In India, agriculture development is primarily the responsibility of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

FAQ on Importance of Farmer Essay

Who are farmers?

In farms, crop growers are responsible for growing crops. Consequently, they provide food for us to eat.

Why are farmers attempting suicide?

Due to the fact that farming does not provide food, many farmers attempt suicide. The farms they have are also being destroyed. Consequently, nothing is left for them.

What is the importance of farmers in our life?

Food and fiber that nurture and clothe us come from farmers, who play a central role in the survival of our different societies. Natural resources are utilized responsibly and they use both primitive and extremely advanced technologies to do so.

Why farmers are important in India?

India’s economy is largely dependent on agriculture. Rural households rely on agriculture for over 70 percent of their income. Approximately 17% of Indian GDP comes from agriculture and over 60% of the population is employed in the sector.

Who is the father of the green revolution in India?

Often known as the father of India’s green revolution, M.S. Swaminathan has a long history.

What is MSP?

Minimum Support Prices are also known as MSPs. The government guarantees the market price for the produce of farmers.

What is the Food Corporation of India?

It is an emergency food supply agency that buys crops from farmers and stocks them under the control of the central government of India. Agricultural producers are also expected to keep a balance between supply and demand in the sector and maintain public distribution of agricultural products.

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