Identical Twins Trying to get Pregnant at the Same Time from the Same Man

A set of identical twins in Australia is going through the process of trying to conceive at the same time. It is common knowledge that they perform all of their daily activities together, from getting dressed to using the restroom.

Anna and Lucy Decinque, who are both 37 years old and reside in Perth, achieved internet fame in 2021 when they attempted to conceive their children at the same time in order to have twins. Ben Byrne, who is engaged to both of them, had a unique role in the unconventional strategy that was devised.

Identical twins have a distinct perspective on the world simply by virtue of the fact that their parents like to dress them similarly and other people frequently confuse them for one another. However, Anna and Lucy have already mentioned to the New York Post that they are interested in taking their relationship to the next level.”

Anna remarked, “I accompany her to the restroom whenever she needs to use it. I accompany her to the bathroom whenever she needs a shower.” “We are able to fulfil any request you may have. We’re never apart. I don’t believe that any one of us could perform our duties without the assistance of the other.

When we are separated, it is difficult for us. Without one another, we won’t be able to survive.” The identical twins who simply cannot stand to spend any time apart are a mainstay on the TLC show “Extreme Sisters,” which has just begun airing its second season.

Not only does the television show investigate the peculiar nature of the relationship between the sisters, but it also shows the sisters discussing the circumstances surrounding their respective pregnancies. In a previous episode of Extreme Sisters, Lucy mentioned that she had read on the internet that ovulation occurs when a woman’s temperature rises.

Identical Twins Trying to get Pregnant at Same Time from Same Man
Identical Twins Trying to get Pregnant at Same Time from Same Man

After that, each of the twins checked their own temperatures and said: “Now we’re three degrees hotter than before! Since we are both ovulating, there is no difference between us.”

During the most recent episode, titled “Wombmates,” they came to the conclusion that the best way to prepare themselves for the role of parents to half-siblings and first cousins was to take care of baby dolls who, of course, all wore the same clothing.

Anna and Lucy shared their news with each other that “We’ve decided we want kids immediately.” ” Because it has been so challenging for us to have a child, we have decided that these doll babies are the next best thing. “Both of us becoming pregnant at the same time is the ultimate goal of our relationship,”

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