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India but also the rest of the world faces a very serious problem with unemployment. The number of unemployed people is in the hundreds of thousands. Furthermore, unemployment is a serious issue in India due to the growing population and demand for employment. The neglect of this issue is going to cause the nation’s downfall.

What is Unemployment?

A person who is unemployed is someone who has a skill and talent but is not employed. A number of reasons prevent him from finding a suitable job.

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Types of Unemployment

We now know what unemployment is, but it does not only mean that the individual lacks work. The same applies to people who work in fields in which they aren’t competent.

There are many types of unemployment, including disguised unemployment, seasonal unemployment, open unemployment, technological unemployment, and structural unemployment. Furthermore, some other types of unemployment include cyclical unemployment, educated unemployment, underemployment, frictional unemployment, chronic unemployment, and casual unemployment.

The most common causes of unemployment in India include seasonably unemployed, underemployed, and disguised unemployed.

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Causes of Unemployment

The current level of unemployment in India is alarming. Various reasons contribute to this problem collectively, which can be traced back to the root of the problem.

  • Unless adequate job opportunities are created, India’s GDP for 2017 is projected at 7.5%. Although the economy is growing, the labor force of the nation is not being offered more employment opportunities.
  • There remain fundamental flaws in the education system in India, even though literacy rates have risen in the last few decades. As a result, the curriculum offers primarily theoretical instruction and does not provide the necessary vocational training to match the current market environment.
  • Population Growth In many cases, rapid population growth is highlighted as the reason for the increase in unemployment in a country. 77% of families in India lack a salaried employee, according to the latest survey data.
  • The government’s five-year plans have failed to provide employment in a proportionate amount. During economic growth, it was assumed that jobs would automatically be created.
  • According to National Bureau of Economic Research statistics, agriculture represents 51 percent of all jobs in the country. The sector is nevertheless a significant contributor to the country’s GDP, supplying 12-13%.
  • The Indian industrial scene is still slow to develop. The agricultural industry continues to be the nation’s largest employer.
  • Investing insufficiently persists in India, and that has been a major contributor to generating insufficient industry to provide employment.
  • People who are not interested in moving to find jobs are another factor that leads to unemployment. Among the factors contributing to this are responsibility and attachment to family, language barriers, religion, and lack of transportation.

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Why Unemployment Is a Serious Issue

Earning money and meeting basic needs is essential to living a dignified life. These rights are snatched away by unemployment, resulting in lower standards of living.

Unemployment results in a lack of nutrients because of the lack of money. As the unemployed lose their jobs, their health will deteriorate. Unemployed parents cannot provide their children with a nutritious diet. Therefore, they are prone to various diseases. They experience a dramatic decline in quality of life over time.

Unemployed parents can’t give their children an adequate education. Thus, the child doesn’t stand a chance of finding a good job as an adult. Because unemployment breeds unemployment, unemployment breeds unemployment.

Unemployment and Social Instability

People out of work are willing to do work that is socially unacceptable in order to earn money. Therefore, in societies where much of the population is unemployed, thieves, snatchers, bank robbers, and other types of antisocial behavior will thrive.

Covid-19 & Unemployment in India and the World

A lockdown was imposed on India to stop the spread of Coronavirus in March 2020. Because of the prolonged shutdown of the offices, hundreds of people got laid off. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, unemployment rose to 27.1% in April. It is true, once the office is opened, the rate will decrease. At least a year will pass before we escape this grim reality.

There is no difference in the situation in other countries. US unemployment claims have reached 30 million. 14.7% of the people there are unemployed. According to the UK government, the number of claims for unemployment has risen by 70%.

Consequences of Unemployment

It will become increasingly difficult to find a job if things keep going as they are. Additionally, an economy is characterized by an increase in poverty, an increase in crime rates, exploitation of labor, political instability, mental health problems, and skills loss. All of this eventually will result in the destruction of the nation.

Solution for the Reduction of Unemployment
Solution for the Reduction of Unemployment

Solution for the Reduction of Unemployment

In order to decrease unemployment rates in the country, both the government and citizens should take steps to address the following points.

  1. Increased Industrialization – Industrialization is considered to be the fastest way to solve India’s unemployment problem. The increase in industry diversity translates into additional jobs available.
  2. Emphasis on Vocational and Technical Training – University curricula should place greater emphasis on practical aspects of education. A larger number of vocational training institutions are needed, which will lead to jobs that are directly related to vocational training and provide indirect job opportunities for teachers.
  3. Encouraging Self-employment – Liability-free loans and government assistance should be introduced in order to promote self-employment.
  4. Improved Infrastructure in Agriculture – The country’s agricultural infrastructure has reached an impasse and needs a serious overhaul. Efforts should be made to improve irrigation facilities, farm equipment, spreading knowledge about multiple crop rotations, and improving crop management.
  5. Inviting Larger Capital Investments – The Indian economy has seen an increase in investments from overseas (foreign) investors thanks to its cheap labor costs. To bridge the gap of unemployment, we still need to do a lot more.
  6. Focused Policy Implementation – The government has enacted subsequent policies to combat issues like poverty and unemployment, but they are largely ineffective in practice. There are a number of initiatives that the Indian government has undertaken in an attempt to combat unemployment in the country, such as the Mahatma Gandhi Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) and the Rajiv Gandhi Swavlamban Rozgar Yojna. An example of a recent step that has the heart in the right place is that of Make in India. Implementation strategies of such schemes should be streamlined by the government so that they yield more benefit to the citizenry.

Paragraph on Unemployment in 250 Words for Classes 9, 10 and Competitive Exams

Despite having an undeserving job, young people in developing or underdeveloped countries have the highest share of global unemployment. Women and men have largely been affected by unemployment due to the wide differences between them. Africa and Asia, where female discrimination is prevalent, have been facing this issue. In 2016, female employment rates dropped 32.9 percentage points below male employment rates, according to a report from the International Labour Organization (ILO).

In addition, both genders perform work that is significantly less than required. The limited number of prominent jobs for graduates forces some to work as barbers in a salon. The prostitution industry kills the hunger of many civilized women.

Those who lose their jobs may become violent and hurt the people around them. A job loss traumatizes him, and he will develop an inferiority complex in reaction to it. As a result, they lose the financial security that they formerly enjoyed. Sudden termination of employment could have severe consequences. Additionally, poor eating habits and unhealthy food may lead to health problems for the victim.

Therefore, unemployment is a serious threat to both a nation’s health and economy, and it must be addressed urgently.

Long Essay on Unemployment in English in 500 Words
Long Essay on Unemployment in English in 500 Words

Long Essay on Unemployment in English in 500 Words

The following essay is a 500-word essay on Unemployment In India that will help students in classes 7, 8, and 9 as well as students preparing for competitive exams. Aspirants to competitive exams will find this long essay on the topic useful.

In recent years, the US, eurozone and world economies have changed dramatically as a result of the recent meltdown of trillion-dollar markets. Many developed countries in good health are experiencing debt problems, banking crises, and slowdowns. As a result, the problem of unemployment in India, affecting many countries as a whole, is a global one.

A government department administers the jobless records in India. The unemployment rate in India averaged 7.6% between 1983 and 2011 and reached an all-time high of 14.5% in December 2010 and a record low of 3.8% in December 2011. Despite being skilled, many young adults in the 18-25 year age group are unemployed since they do not have enough employment opportunities. There is also not much of a gap in employment rates between rural and urban areas. The declining financial market in India has the greatest impact on the youth population of any country.

Rural unemployment, urban unemployment, seasonal unemployment, and cyclical unemployment can all be classified. The agricultural sector and manufacturing units like sugar and ice factories are mostly affected by seasonal unemployment. Cycles in trade result in cyclical unemployment. Cycles of unemployment occur when entrepreneurs reduce their workforce to compensate for their loss.

Technological unemployment results from the displacement of human labor by technology. The basic causes of unemployment are factors such as lack of capital, lack of investment, low production, a decline of the business cycle, dislocation of industries, deflation, and the use of technology. In addition to these economic factors, unemployment can also be due to social factors, such as geographical immobility, rapid population growth, a defective educational system, a lack of experience, a lack of vocational training, illness, or disability.

In addition to the demand for white-collar jobs, another important social factor is the attitude of society toward lowly jobs such as teaching and sales, which also causes unemployment. Through the creation of made-up social status, people look for social acceptance.

As a result of unemployment, people often feel disillusioned, frustrated, and dissatisfied. Cynicism results from this. It disperses the energy of the youth in destructive directions. The result is that many resorts to crime, violence, and anti-social behavior in order to gain the social status they seek. The reason why bank robberies, online financial frauds, etc. are so common is due to this phenomenon. Even suicidal tendencies are increasing as a result of social injustice and humiliation.

Numerous movies have been made on this subject due to the devastation that has resulted from these crises. These sorts of films depict market slowdown by showing people taking wrong turns, even committing crimes. Examples include ‘Wolf of Wall Street,’ ‘Badmaash Company,’ and ‘Desi Boyz.

Skill development remains a critical issue even though education has increased in the past few decades. The inadequacies of skills-based education, poverty, and lack of experience also contribute to unemployment and underemployment. In order to fulfill the mission of nation-building, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has stressed the importance of skill development for youth.

In order to close the skills gap between demand and supply, the government needs to take action to support skill and retraining activities. In order to address the mammoth issue of unemployment in the country, it must take a close look at its present situation and devise serious remedies.

FAQs about Unemployment

Q1. why there is a problem of unemployment in India?

The problem of unemployment in India is caused by overpopulation and the lack of appropriate skills.

Q2. Define Disguised unemployment?

The term disguised unemployment refers to an employment situation in which there are more people hired than needed for a specific position. It won’t affect productivity to remove one employee.

Q3. How can employment be increased?

Employment increases can be attributed to a country’s government’s understanding. A country with a competent government will have high employment levels.

Q4. How can the government improve its employment status?

If a government were capable of generating enough revenue to feed as many industries as possible, then many industries could be founded. Millions of prominent jobs would be created for well-qualified candidates thanks to the business sector concentration.

Q5. What are the benefits of employment protection policies in a company?

An employee can seek compensation for any distress he endures due to employment protection policies.

Q6. What is the difference between part-time unemployment and full-time employment?

As a part-time employee, you work less than a full-time employee. Shifts are rotated according to the workload. The set of employees in the morning differs from the set in the evening. Full-time workers are hired to work for the whole organization, whereas part-timers are contract workers.

Conclusion For Unemployment Essay

It has been a long-standing problem in the country to deal with unemployment. While several government programs have been launched to create jobs, they have not made satisfactory progress. Collectively, government officials and citizens can create more jobs, as well as acquire the right skill sets to be employable.

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