Short Essay on Rainy Season 1000 Words for Class 6

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Introduction of Short Essay on Rainy Season

We greet the rain after the summer season. Throughout summer the earth is arid and roads are full of dirt. The hot airstream drive and the sun are extremely strong. On a raining season, it rains the entire day long. Shady clouds assemble in the sky. A lovely wind blows. The sun is at the back the clouds occasionally it rains a lot and sometimes it rains lightly,

Happiness for children in Rainy season

A rainy season is a day of enjoyment for kids. They come out of their residence have fun on roads, Runs everywhere in the rain adult citizens go out with umbrellas. The road surface drain are full of water. So a rainy season is a day of rain and enjoyment.

Beautiful scenes

A rainy season makes stunning views. The presence of apprentice in schools and universities is low. Some apprentices are partially wet. Some are fully wet. Everyone discussion about the rain. The street look swamped. The majority of the shops are blocked in town. School teenager like the rainy day most. They do not worry for the cold and cough. So rainy season is a day of delight and liberty for kids.

Some problems of Rainy season

A rainy season brings several troubles to all of us. Mainly of us do not contain umbrellas or rain coats but we may have to go out. Going away out is extremely hard we do not find rickshaws effortlessly. We may not go far away on foot we quickly get wet. We frequently stare up to the sky to end rain. A rainy season causes some distress to the underprivileged peoples. The underprivileged people depend on every day employment for rations. They may not find employment on such a season. as well as their residence may perhaps seep out. Thus a rainy is a season of difficulty for such deprived people.

Rainy season is useful in India

A rainy season has it’s utilize also. Farmers are especially joyful they greeting rain season. A rainy season is day of happiness for them. Plants and vegetation look clean out. The grassland is emerald, frogs and other creatures create song. The rainbow occasionally becomes visible in the sky. Those who reside in glowing manufacture houses be seated by the window area and take pleasure in the lovable melody and of the rain.

There are 3 main seasons in India. They are the summer, the winter and the rainy season. The rainy season is especially essential to the citizens of India. India is a farming nation. The crops depend on the rain. A heavy rain means earnings prosperity. But a surplus of rains carry overflow. Flood demolishes the harvests. But the collapse of heavy rain causes deficiency and starvation.

Rainy season in India

The rainy season begins in India occasionally in the month of June. Before it shatter the sun seems extremely tough. The temperature is excessively a lot for us. The sky is clear. The earth willingly stay for the rain. The atmosphere is warm, we can find sizzling waves. At several places we do not get still consumption water. The high temperature troubles for equally humans and animals.

Beginning of Monsoon (Rainy season)

With the coming of the monsoon, we discover a rapid transformation in the climate. Clouds shape in the sky. They quickly spin into heavy rain. The rainy season proceeds till about the finish of September. Everyone invites downpour after the midyear season. In the rainy season, the air gets cool. The sun is not, at this point solid. The mists make the entire air lovely. The land gets green with grass and plants. Side of the road trenches, lakes, and streams are loaded up with water.

Future of Indian agriculture

The fate of Indian farming completely relies upon the rainy season. Ranchers hang tight for a downpour. They take a gander at their withering harvests on earth. They expect a downpour when they see dark mists in any comer of the sky. At the point when it downpours they become cheerful. They move out of their homes. They go to their fields and consider paddy manor. They develop maize and different yields during the downpours.


The rainy season gives us a lovely help from the warmth. Yet, it has a few impediments moreover. Countless bugs show up. We can discover fly insects, mosquitoes, and other such bugs and cholera break out. Going during the downpours inconvenient Be that as it may, kids appreciate this season. They play, bounce, and sing in the downpour. So every Indian invites a downpour. They realize that country’s economy relies upon it. Such is the existence of an Indian during the downpours.

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