Short Essay on National Integration in English 2021 | Importance of National Integration Essay in 150 Words to 500

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Essay on National Integration in English

National Integration

Would you call us a united or disunited people? There are different languages, castes, and creeds in which we live. Our food and habits are also different, as are our clothes, allegiances, and attachments.

Bengalis, Assamis, Oriyas, and others make up the Bengali community. Even with all these divisions and distinctions, we have the longest common history and have lived together in peace and brotherhood – Indians cannot be dismissed as myths.

There is a unity among us that is not marked by uniformity. Divergent unity rich in promise and opportunity is what we have.

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Unity of India

In his book The Fundamental Unity of India, professor Radha Kumud Mukherjee discusses how Indian civilization formed unity out of diversity from ancient times to the present day.

Our sacred books, epics, and schools or systems of philosophy are the same for all Indians. All Indians share music and dance, our laws, even fairy tales and folk tales, our places of pilgrimage, our festivals, and our classical literature.

Are these facts simply a geographical expression in the face of these facts?

India the Motherland of Mankind

Since time immemorial, India has been The Motherland of Mankind. In addition, all religions have their roots here. Besides, it is the cradle of all systems of philosophy, both theistic and atheistic. The county is a place where the mind can roam freely.

There were a wide variety of races that lived in India at one time or another, including the Dravidians, Aryans, Huns, Scythians, Greeks, Arabians, and Persians. In Indian History, social fusion has been a distinctive feature.

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Foreign Rulers

We were ruled by foreigners who practiced divide and rule. By doing so, they encouraged conflict and division. Our troubles were caused by them.

As well as the faults and weaknesses of others, we have also contributed to the problem. Disunity and senseless conflict that were unleashed during foreign rule continue to cause havoc after independence. Integration needs to be reawakened.

It is the responsibility of every Indian to ensure that communal rioting, stabbings, and murders do not take place. All parties, organizations, sanghas, and senas that disrupt India’s unity should be opposed in a concerted manner.

We cannot treat our fellow Indians as enemies or strangers just because they are of a different language, region, or religion.

India as the Majority

In order for minorities to feel as confident and secure in India as the majority, they must feel as safe and secure.

Any journalist, speaker, or leader who generates sectional passions or hurts the feelings of any community should be punishable harshly.

In his quest for social and communal unity, Mahatma Gandhi gave his life. A focus on national unity and national integration should be emphasized in schools and colleges.

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India Is One Family

India has been speaking the message that the entire world is a family. Since India’s long and chequered history, she has taught inclusion, not exclusivity.

Unity within diversity has been the guiding principle of Indian Civilization since it began.

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Short Essay on National Integration Easy in 150 words | National Integration Day in India

Importance and Meaning of National Integration

India has a great need to enhance individual level development and make it a strong country through national integration.

It is celebrated as an annual event on 19th of November (which is the birthday anniversary of the first woman Indian Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi) as National Integration Day and National Integration Week (which is QuamiEkta Week) from 19th to 25th of November.

The meaning of combining various parts to create a whole.

In India, people of different regions, religions, cultures, traditions, races, castes, colors, and creeds live together in harmony. In order to achieve National Integration, India must integrate its people.

 It will be possible to live together without any social or developmental problems if people from different cultures and regions unite.

In India, it’s known as Unity in Diversity or National Integration, but it isn’t possible, so it’s up to us (youth in the country) to make it happen.

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