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What is a Lockdown?

The term “lockdown” refers to the suspension of the regular privileges of citizens, including their freedom of movement and socializing. In order to prevent any untoward incident, a competent authority imposes this rule. To contain the spread of novel coronavirus disease, the Indian government imposed a lockdown for many months.

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Short and Long Essay on Lockdown

The term ‘lockdown’ refers to the suspension of the usual rights of citizens, such as their right to move freely and socialize. A competent authority imposes it to prevent any untoward incidents. The Indian government imposed a lockdown for many months to stop the spread of novel Coronavirus disease. Here are some well-described essays explaining the lockdown in detail.

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Short Essay on Lockdown (250 Words)


Lockdown is an emergency protocol adopted by the government of India to contain the spread of a novel coronavirus epidemic. At the beginning, the government implemented a countrywide lockdown that lasted for many months in four parts of the country and then the states followed suit according to their needs. For more than 150 days, India was under lockdown.

Lockdown – The Only Solution to Novel Coronavirus

The novel coronavirus disease is highly contagious and spreads rapidly from person to person. As of yet, no other disease has spread so rapidly as this novel coronavirus. The affected must be treated symptomatically; however, the final recovery depends largely on an individual’s stamina and immunity. From the perspective of this scenario, the lockdown seems to be the only practical and effective means to prevent the spread of the disease.

Although we cannot imagine such a scenario for more time, we admire our government’s courage to take such a bold step. In order to keep safe from this deadly virus, it was implemented. A lockdown badly affected our economy, and today it is in a state of fracture.

Success of Lockdown

The lockdown felt safe when the government implemented it, but some experts note that it was an unplanned action that directly affected the entire nation. Many other countries, including India, have adopted lockdowns, but they are strong enough to handle the economic damage it causes.

It is true that the lockdown reduced the flow of the virus, but at the same time, after it was unlocked in India, cases increased rapidly. India is the second-highest infected country. Consequently, lockdown is not considered a success in this sense.


In India, schools, colleges, parks, public spaces, and cinemas are closed even today. The lockdown can still be observed, but the number of cases is decreasing. Vaccines have already been developed, and people will soon be rid of this deadly virus. But until then, wear a mask, wash your hands frequently, use sanitizer, and keep your social distance. Essay on Lockdown

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essay on lockdown in english
essay on lockdown in english

Essay on Lockdown 500 word  

Pandemic COVID-19 has brought the world to a standstill. All of a sudden, we seem to be in a horror movie. Thousands of people are being killed by the villainous Coronavirus, and we feel helpless. Our lives have been turned upside down by it. In our dreams, we could not imagine ourselves confined to our homes, without outings, and unable to meet friends and family.

The situation has given us a chance to look at things differently. Initially, some children, like me, regarded this lockdown as a holiday. Having it extended has made us realize the importance of attending school. We appreciate all that our teachers are doing to teach us through online classes and provide us with study material.

Teachers leave no stone unturned to ensure that we do not waste our valuable time sitting idle. Even though taking online classes was initially challenging for them, they have quickly adapted so that our academic path does not get affected. Our experience has taught us not to run away from challenges when life throws them at us and, rather, to adapt to them.

Hard times are teaching us the value of everyday food items like fruits, vegetables, and groceries. They have become so valuable that they are no longer readily available. With limited resources, we are learning to manage ourselves.

We have learned to respect our farmers and the vendors who deliver these essentials to our doorsteps. Since many people are unable to eat even a single meal during this lockdown, we should never waste food.

 In addition to teaching us life beyond junk food, it also taught us that delicious food can be made at home. Personal hygiene and cleanliness have become more important to us. We have also grown to appreciate our parents more, who work long hours to meet our reasonable (and unreasonable) demands and never complain. Having more time with them gave us an opportunity to understand them and to learn what quality time is.

Life isn’t just about studying, watching TV, and playing games. At any stage of life, it’s about standing with each other. We have also been able to experience our parents’ childhood through Ramayana, Mahabharata, etc., and playing games like Ludo. We have also learned from our parents the value of money and the importance of saving money for rainy days.

Since we have learned that it is our moral duty to stand by our employees in offices and factories, as well as domestic help since they are the ones who keep us going. The current situation has made us appreciate the efforts of the organizations that keep working day and night to make our lives convenient and easy.

 We should be thankful to our government and police officers who are trying to enforce the rules of social distancing. The health workers who put their lives in danger to save thousands of lives deserve our gratitude as well.

Lockdown is teaching us many lessons about life. We have learned to handle difficulties with a positive mindset, and I hope that we will always remember these lessons. All nightmares have an end, and this one will, too. Essay on Lockdown

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Lockdown Essay in English for students

I thought I’d take a look back at how the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown affected student life.

A few days before lockdown, I decided to leave London and move back to Bristol with my family. Stress and hasty packing whirlwinds did not help, and there were conspiracy theories floating around that London was about to enter some kind of drastic, Orwellian state of martial law. Do not trust anyone whose primary source is their friend’s brother’s neighbor who “knows someone in government”.

On the M4, my exam motivation rapidly dissolved, followed by my plans for a relaxing summer. I fluctuated between boredom and panic at home. The first few days were spent watching Covid-19 cases rise, waiting for the Prime Minister’s next announcement, and frantically refreshing my emails for news about UCL English summer exams.

I learned to cope with the uncertainty of the situation after a few weeks at home. The structure was one of the things that helped me the most. Making a rough schedule of my day gave me security and helped me achieve my goals. As soon as UCL told me what was expected of me in my summer assessments, I knew what to do and could plan my time accordingly.

Many people have been affected by the lockdown-for some by economic hardship or unemployment, for others by claustrophobia making difficult relationships worse. No matter what Instagram says, you don’t have to learn a new language, redecorate your house, and get a first in one day. Getting out of bed is sometimes a victory, and that’s okay.

Feeling wracked with guilt when I did not feel motivated was exhausting and unproductive. As a result, I made sure to praise myself whenever I accomplished something. Even if it was only one paragraph or one chapter, it was better than nothing. Essay on Lockdown

essay on life during lockdown
essay on life during lockdown

Lockdown Essay in 600 Words


People are forbidden from leaving their homes and venturing out into public areas during a lockdown, provided by the government for emergency situations. Several governments around the world have enacted lockdowns in their respective jurisdictions in response to the global coronavirus epidemic to prevent the disease from spreading further. Also, from the start of the lockdown, India imposed a countrywide lockdown from midnight of 25th March. This lockdown was followed for at least four months by each state, and additional states followed according to the number of COVID cases in their state.

Why Is The Lockdown Necessary?

As of November 2019, the coronavirus infection had been reported in China for the first time, affecting millions of people around the world. The outbreak of the disease has been unprecedented in frequency and involuntary transmission.

Lockdowns have the purpose of implementing social distancing, preventing people from socializing, and forming unnecessary groups, in an effort to prevent disease transmission.

Effects of Lockdown

There were quite a few hardships for those who were employed on a daily basis, small businesses, and marginalized sections of society during the Lockdown. The lockdown has financially crippled these people, as they were without employment and had little savings. Having said that, lockdowns are still necessary to save lives.

The lockdown has the least effect on people who have permanent employment because they are usually able to work from home. As a result of the suspension of all modes of transportation, the public was inconvenienced.

People could shop for groceries and perform other tasks during the hours when the lockdown was relaxed by local officials. In spite of the relaxed environment, people did not gather in large groups, roam around unnecessarily, and the necessary government services and emergency services like the emergency services within municipalities, hospitals, police, etc. continued to operate.

Solidarity in Lockdown

The lockdown is especially harsh on marginalized sections of the society in India, but it has brought together people from all walks of life and several organizations who are seeking assistance. Immediately after the lockdown was implemented, many producers, actors, and business houses began contributing thousands of crores of rupees to the Prime Minister Relief Fund. As a result of the lockdown, this money was spent on food. It also was used to help the poor financially.

While the lockdown phase was in place, government officers distributed food packages to make sure that no one was without food.

As well as clapping and celebrating within the premises of their own homes, people in India also displayed an incredible amount of respect for their emergency service personnel and medical professionals.

India is currently ranked number two among countries experiencing a state of emergency today, excluding this lockdown. The Indian lockdown stopped the spread of the community. There are currently no vaccines available for the disease, but soon they will be available. It is still necessary to close some public places, including schools and theaters, until and unless everyone has received the vaccine. Essay on Lockdown


Coronavirus disease must be contained with lockdown to prevent its spread. In order to ensure our own well-being and safety, we should strictly follow the guidelines of lockdown. Despite the fact that the lockdown has been lifted, some public places remain under lockdown. It is imperative that you follow the guidelines and cooperate to stay safe and also prevent this epidemic from spreading.

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Short Essay on Lockdown in English for Students

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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Lockdown

Q.1 what is meant by lockdown?

Ans. People who are in lockdown are restricted from moving around and are directed to remain in their locations.

Q.2 when was the national lockdown implemented in India for the first time?

Ans. On the 25th of March 2020, India was placed into a nationwide lockdown for the first time.

Q.3 why the movement of people is restricted in the Covid-19 lockdown?

Ans. As a result of the lockdown, movement was restricted in order to curtail the spread of the Covid-19 infection.

Q.4 which state in India was the first to implement lockdown during Covid-19 phase 1?

Ans. During phase one of Covid-19, Rajasthan became the first state to implement lockdown.

Q.5 What Red zones means in the lockdown?

Ans. High-infection zones are indicated by red zones.

Q.6 when was the first lockdown implemented in the world?

Ans. As of 23rd January 2020, China implemented its first lockdown in Wuhan.

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