Desi Bride’s Chocolate Hairstyle Stuns Internet

The day a bride gets married is one of the most memorable and eventful days of her life. She is excited about it and puts a lot of effort into getting ready for it. A girl daydreams about having the most beautiful wedding possible, and part of that includes selecting the ideal outfit to wear on her wedding day or losing weight before the big day.

Now, a bride had a similar idea, but it seems like her plan didn’t work out as expected. According to comments made by internet users, a video that has gone popular on social media shows a hairstylist braiding the hair of a bride, but it appears that something went wrong. You might be curious as to why, but before we tell you, we highly recommend that you watch the following video:

The now-iconic film starts off with the bride demonstrating her one-of-a-kind haircut for the camera. Candies such as KitKats, 5Stars, Ferrero Rochers, and Milky Bars are woven throughout her braid for decoration. You did not make a mistake when reading it. You have certainly seen other variations of haircuts that incorporate flowers before, but this one is unique.

Someone who uses the Instagram name @chitras fashion studio was the one who shared the insanely bizarre video. It’s not hard to understand why the video became so popular, considering that it’s been viewed more than 5.6 million times already. On the other hand, this “strange” haircut was not favourably received by online users.

Desi Bride's 'Chocolate' Hairstyle Stuns Internet
Desi Bride’s ‘Chocolate’ Hairstyle Stuns Internet

The following is a selection of the comments that users of Instagram have left

Someone wrote, “Keep away from children, or else you look good,” and I thought it was funny. “Log alag dikhne k chakkar me pagal dikhne lage h,” stated someone else. “Kapde bhi chcoolate ka bana lete na hahah,” stated a third. A fourth participant commented, “I know you worked hard, but it’s omfoo useless!” A significant number of users have also included winking emoji in the comments.

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