What Dancer did when a Dog came on Stage while Dancing in a Cultural Program

It seems like you’ve been going to a lot of shows ever since you were a child. All the way from the smaller ones at school to the larger ones. Have you ever heard of a dog becoming a problem because it was in the way of something? Yes, this has occurred on a number of occasions.

One of these videos is currently becoming extremely popular on social media platforms. The video that is going viral currently features the cultural programme. It features a dancer who performs while dressed in a variety of costumes.

Dog came on Stage while Dancing in a Cultural Program

When she was in the middle of this dance, all of a sudden, a dog ran onto the stage and started leaping on her.

However, despite the fact that there are other people around, she cannot refrain from dancing. This video is extremely popular across all social media platforms. In the meantime, the dancer continued to dance while maintaining their participation in the ongoing dance curriculum.

She started dancing with the dog right away. He moved so fluidly with the dog during the dance that it appeared as though he had choreographed it.

This video is currently blowing out on social media like a wildfire. There have been 63 thousand mentions of this video’s popularity on Twitter’s platform.

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