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You are probably familiar with the term child labour from TV or movies. In this case, it is a crime that forces young children to work since they are very young. To expect kids to perform such duties is like expecting them to work and support themselves. Many restrictions and limitations have been put in place on children’s working.

In general, fifteen years of age and older are considered the appropriate age for children to work. It is forbidden for children under this age limit to engage in forced Labour. What is the reason for this? Child labour denies children the chance to grow up normally, receive an education, and be physically and mentally healthy. In some countries, illegal drugs are available, but they are still far from being completely eliminated.

What is Child Labour?

Child Labour gives children the opportunity to work from an early age and practice business duties as adults do. In this situation, children lose their childhood and won’t be able to learn or develop appropriately. The practice is completely illegal in some countries, but it has spread internationally since it severely affects the futures of children in so many places.

Short Essay on Child Labour in English 150 Words

Most developing nations experience a severe problem with child employment. High-class people are engaging in economic work activities with small children under the age of 14. The government ignores the fact that children are the country’s hope and future. In our country, millions of children are not receiving a primary education, thereby depriving them of their childhood.

Since these children are not fulfilled physically, intellectually, and culturally during their childhood, they are not given the opportunity to live a healthy life. India’s law prohibits children under 14 years of age from being forced into employment by their parents, masters, or any other institution.

As a domestic service, as a waiter in a restaurant, for rock breaking, like a shopkeeper’s representative, in construction sites, and for bookbinding, it is common in developing countries such as India. In our country, child Labour is caused by several factors.

Several of the reasons for child labour around the world are similar; however, they vary from one country to another. In addition to poverty, a lack of education, unjust laws, and suppression of child rights, other causes include bad economic conditions.

“Creating a brighter future by stopping child labour”

Child Labour Essay in 200 Words

Sadly, Child Labour is an international issue that shows no signs of going away, and it is destroying the dreams of countless young people who envision themselves as great people someday. The dream of becoming a great person has been shattered. It is not fair to treat them this way. Ultimately, it is up to their parents to guide them.

Having given birth to them, it is their responsibility to provide them with a secure home and nurture them. Secondly, because of this shameful act of child labour, the government must also take responsibility. We still have to debate issues such as child Labour despite living in the 21st century. This criminal issue is not being resolved by the government in a serious manner.

According to Indian law, a child cannot be forced to work before he is 14 years old. Yet still, so many children live on meals twice a day because they work really hard to get them. Child labour is caused by unemployment.

Because the organizations don’t want to spend more money on a full-time employee, they hire a child to work for a daily wage, which keeps the amount of money they spend for comparable services low. In our modern age, humans have become so selfish that a small child cannot even be spared! The result is that the future of our nation is being compromised.

child labour in india essay
child labour in india essay

Child Labour Essay in 300 Words

In developing countries, the majority of children are employed in various forms of child Labour. Child exploitation is what supporters of early work experience call it, but it is what I call Early Work Experience. In other words, someone who comes from a poor financial family is forced into Labour.

Families with low incomes give birth to many children and use their Labour as a source of income. In childhood, children learn to care, love, create and be joyful. The purpose is for children to develop their social, intellectual, and athletic skills. Young children’s minds are influenced by stimuli based on money, so they believe only in rewards based on money.

Thus, a narrow-minded approach will develop in the child towards any work they do. It is also office work and will not benefit a child’s future career as it does not require any skills from the child. Furthermore, the government should formulate a cooperative social model to identify God-given qualities among the underprivileged children aside from ensuring free and compulsory child education.

Thus, the child will work hard to become excellent at what he or she already excels at. To provide better living conditions for children, children’s community centers may be established. Children are still being used as Labour in many countries and even though it has been declared a crime, many organizations are still engaging in it.

Child Labour is still employed by certain industries and manufacturers, including mines and factories. Poverty makes children more susceptible to child Labour. Due to such issues as child labour, children’s futures can be completely shattered. We must provide them with the correct chance to grow and receive an appropriate education.

Organizations should be prohibited from allowing underage children to participate in activities. Parents should never limit their children, and there should be no pressure placed on them to contribute to family finances. We should make sure that all our children attend school.

Essay on Child Labour in 500 Words

The heinous act of child Labour cannot be justified under any circumstances. We are really saddened to see children putting in hard work rather than attending school. Poor living conditions are a major cause of this behavior. Families who are poor exploit their children by forcing them to engage in Labourious activities. ILO regulations specify that no child must be forced to engage in Labour that prevents him or her from studying under the age of 15 years.

A child should not be deprived of a proper education if their employment makes this happen. It has been a major concern internationally and is prohibited in some countries. Our failure to protect the future of coming generations will result in us suffering.  The Indian law states that a child under 14 years of age shall not be forced to work, and even their parents must not enforce this. But there are still underaged children working in India in factories, restaurants, office buildings, and restaurants to earn a living.

As well as domestic services, small workshops, stone breaking, and shopkeeper’s assistants, children are involved in some other activities as well. Every country has its own particular reasons for child Labour. Poor working conditions and repression of children’s rights are the most common factors causing child Labour. Indian unemployment plays a major role in causing child Labour as well.

The lack of education is another cause of child Labour; a 2005 study claims that 75 million children were unable to get an education. Domestic work and agriculture are industries where child Labour is a result of inadequate social control. In order to help their families financially, children engage in work. We must take some steps to remove this social issue from countries such as forming more unions to prevent child Labour, which will encourage people to oppose this practice.

In order to give each and every child an appropriate education, the parents’ cooperation is actually required. By creating awareness among people, we can end child Labour. It is particularly critical that children in this age group lead a developing country into the future. For every family to be able to provide their children with an education, it must earn a proper living. People will be able to work without having to hire their children, and poverty will reduce.

In addition to family control, increasing employment opportunities and replacing child workers with adults should be part of the solution to the child Labour issue in the country. Children must be protected from child labour and human trafficking, as well as strict regulations, must be in place to ensure that no one engages in child Labour.

There is a serious social problem here that ought to be solved right away. In order for this to be accomplished, it must involve all stakeholders, from parents to business organizations to government agencies. An educational system is an important tool for the development of our nation, and our children should be sent to school.

Long Essay on Child Labour in 2000 Words

The child labour & consequences of child labour were fully described in this Child Labour Essay. Child Labour is the use of children in part-time, full-time, or seasonal jobs in undesirable economic activities such as exploitation, trafficking, etc. In 2001, the Indian census found that there were about 13 million child workers; many child workers reside in rural areas. About 60% of these children are under 10 years old. About 23 percent of children are in the business sector, while 36 percent are working in the household.

Causes of Child Labour

The causes of child labour are numerous. Some of the reasons are universal, but some are specific to specific regions and areas. In order to fight child labour more effectively, we should look at what is causing it. As a first step, it occurs in countries where unemployment and poverty are high.

When families do not make enough money to support themselves, they work with the children of the family to earn money to live. The younger members of the family will have to take the place of their parents if the adults are unemployed. In addition, in the absence of adequate education, people will ultimately force their children into the Labour force.

People who are uneducated care only about the short term, so they send their children to work to support their immediate needs. Further, numerous industries are suffering from money-saving attitudes that result in child Labour.

Children are employed because they are paid less for the same work than adults. In addition, children work less than adults and receive lower wages, so they prefer children. Therefore, they can manipulate and influence them easily. In addition, they only see their profits, which is why they employ children in factories.

Eradication of Child Labour

It is essential that we devise some very effective solutions to eradicate child labour, so that our children will be saved. By doing so, we’ll also have a brighter future for any country that addresses these issues. It is possible to form unions exclusively dedicated to stopping child Labour in the first place.

Those who force children to work doing this should be penalized and those who indulge them should be helped. Additionally, we should keep parents informed so that they can appreciate the value of education. We can educate more and more children who won’t need to do child Labour if we make education free and make people aware.

It is imperative to make people aware of the detrimental consequences of child Labour. Taking measures to control the family is also necessary. So when the family’s burden is reduced, the parents can work for themselves rather than taking care of the children. The government needs to guarantee a minimum income to every family so they can survive.

Simply put, both governments and the people have to cooperate. In order for people to earn a living without having to put their children to work, employment opportunities must be abundant. Having a normal childhood is more important than ensuring the economic conditions of their families since the children are the future of our country.

How to Prevent Child Labour?

Child Labour must be reduced in a timely manner to preserve a nation’s future. In order to achieve this, some effective solutions must be implemented immediately. In this essay, we outline some of the ways in which child Labour can be reduced in India.

  • As more people get involved in helping to protect children from child Labour, establishing more unions will help reduce child Labour.
  • From their early childhood, parents should provide all their children with regular and proper education. Parents and schools must work closely together for the school to be able to educate children and allow children from all backgrounds to attend.
  • Any developing country, regardless of its state, must have the proper knowledge of child Labour in order to avoid huge losses in the future.
  • Obtaining a minimum income is essential to every family’s survival and preventing child Labour. Poverty levels and child Labour will be reduced.
  • By reducing the family’s childcare and schooling burden, family control also contributes to reducing child labour.
  • It is necessary for the government to implement more efficient and stringent laws against child Labour so that children do not work at such a young age.
  • All governments should do everything in their power to eradicate child trafficking completely. The world has about 800 million jobless adults in addition to 800 million children. A child will not be forced to work while an adult gets a job.
  • It is necessary to improve employment opportunities for adults in order to overcome the problem of poverty and child Labour. Factory owners, industry owners, mine owners, etc. should swear never to exploit children.
essay on child labour
essay on child labour

Effects of Child Labour

  • Their health is affected by working long hours and not sleeping enough.
  • Poor working conditions make dangerous work even more dangerous.
  • Working against education and development results in them being poorer for longer.
  • Playing or being free is impossible.
  • Don’t interact with your family or parents.
  • Their work is not adequately compensated & unjustly rewarded.
  • Children who have been abused through sexual abuse, physical abuse, or neglect as well as neglect of their emotional needs.

How to Stop Child Labour Essay

It is urgent for developing countries to implement effective solutions to eliminate child Labour as a social issue. Below are a few measures for preventing child labour:

  • As more unions are created, more people are encouraged to oppose child Labour. This takes much less time and money to prevent child Labour.
  • Getting a regular and appropriate education should be a priority for all children starting in their childhood.
  • In order to free the children for education and accept children from every field, you will need the support of parents as well as schools.
  • To prevent future heavy losses in developing countries, there must be a high level of social awareness about child Labour.
  • The minimum income for a family is essential to prevent and stop child labour. It reduces poverty and, therefore, the number of children working.
  • Controlling child labour through family control will also reduce the burden of child care and education on families.
  • To prevent children from working too young, the government must enforce more effective laws against child Labour.
  • The governments of all countries should eradicate child trafficking.
  • There are almost 800 million adults without jobs worldwide, which should lead to a replacement of child labour by adult workers. This will allow the child to avoid child Labour while the adult gets a job.
  • In order to overcome poverty and child labour, there should be more employment opportunities for adults.
  • Businesses that own factories, mines, and industries should commit not to use children for any type of employment.

Challenges in Controlling Child Labour

Unclear Laws

Despite laws meant to mitigate the ill effects of child Labour, they are largely vague in nature. Unorganized sectors, for instance, are not usually subject to strict guidelines created bylaws. Being immune from dangerous occupations isn’t enough. It is also important to clearly outline where and for how long children can work (only if they must).

Lack of Rehabilitation Plans

Children saved from the devil’s clutches of child Labour still lack rehabilitation facilities, which is another problem for authorities. How these children will be able to reclaim control of their lives and begin anew becomes an unanswered question. The provision of nutrition and counseling is essential to enable them to succeed.

Lack of Awareness

Rural and urban communities need to be made more aware of this issue. Child Labour impacts the minds of children negatively, and adults, including parents, need to be aware of that. The benefits of education for all kids as well as the various plans that promise free basic education for children should also be explained. The importance of educating girls and improving their lives cannot be overstated.

Hild Exploitation is a Crime

Despite major crimes committed against children, child Labour is still prevalent in many countries. Industry, mining, factories, and other employers are using child Labour extensively to get more work at lower wages. Since poor children are forced by their parents to work at very young ages to provide financial assistance for their families, they are at greater risk of becoming children labourers. Also, read 1000 words Child Labour Essay.

Laws on Child Exploitation

A factory or mine will not hire anyone under the age of 14 years, according to Article 27 of the Constitution of India, 1950. Indian legislative authorities have also adopted provisions for this purpose in the Factories Act, 1979, as well as the Children Act, 1980. Several initiatives were taken by the Government of India to protect children, most notably the Child Labour Act, 1979. In India, the state is required to provide free and necessary education for children under Article 65 of the Constitution.

Role of the Government

A very important role that should be played by the government is eradicating child Labour. The government should guarantee the provision of basic amenities to the lower strata of our society, especially since poverty is a leading cause of child Labour in this country.

Equal distribution of wealth should also be guaranteed. It is imperative that more employment opportunities are created for the poor in order to give them fair employment opportunities. These people ought to be provided with vocational training by various NGOs in various parts of the country so they can get good jobs or become self-employed.

Education is and should be regarded as important by this lower stratum of society. Government and NGO representatives should engage with these people to spread awareness and to initiate free education for all children 6-14 years old. Rather than working, parents should encourage their children to attend school.

Citizens who are educated and wealthy can take the initiative and work towards this category of society’s upliftment. It is their responsibility to spread the message of child Labour’s harmful effects. School and college teachers can develop innovative educational programs to help poor children.

The children of staff at offices, government agencies, and private companies should receive free education. It is also necessary to raise awareness about family planning among these individuals. NGOs, as well as the government, must teach these individuals about the benefits of family planning. This will make it easier for the family to feed all the mouths within their home.   

Government Policies

A number of Indian laws have been passed to ensure the rights of children, including the Child and Adolescent Labour Act of 1986, the Factories Act of 1948, the Mines Act of 1952, and the Bonded Labour System Abolition Act. Children under fourteen years old were prohibited from working in hazardous occupations under the Child Labour Act (Prohibition and Regulation), 1986. Also, a great deal of focus is placed on health and safety to ensure the safety of workers in the jobs that the act permits. As of 2009, all children between the ages of 6 and 14 are entitled to free and compulsory education.

Conclusion of Child Labour Essay

With the help of both parents and teachers as well as the government, it is imperative to resolve child Labour on a permanent basis. In any developing country, children have a flourishing future, even though they are very small. All citizens have a big responsibility towards them and should not misuse them in a negative manner. Within a happy family and school environment, they should have the chance to mature and grow. In order for companies to get labour at a low cost, and for families to secure a healthy economic scale, they shouldn’t be restricted by the parents.

FAQ about Child Labour Essay

How can we prevent child labour?

It is possible to prevent child labour with effective measures. The activities of child labour should be closely monitored by unions. It is important to subsidize education so that more kids can attend school. In addition, we must completely abolish the problem of child trafficking.

What is Child Labour?

Child Labour gives children the opportunity to work from an early age and practice business duties as adults do. When children are used for financial work, they are deprived of childhood, proper literacy, physical, mental, and social well-being. While the practice is illegal in some countries, it has become a major issue in the majority of states as it severely damages the well-being of children.

What are the causes of Child Labour?

Poor and unemployed people live side by side to a significant extent
There is no free education available
Violating codes of conduct and laws
The law is not adequately enforced
Rights of workers are being suppressed

What are the types of child labour?

Small businesses, domestic services, restaurant waiters, rock-breaking, shopkeeper’s representatives, construction sites, bookbinding, etc. All of these are common to develop countries, such as India.

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It is a crime that forces young children to work since they are very young. The practice is completely illegal in some countries, help us to Stop Child Labour.

Child Labour Essay


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