Brooklyn Beckhams Join Peltz Family for Easter at Lavish Mansion

Since Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz’s wedding the previous year, there have been rumours of a feud between the families of Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz. People believe that the argument began because Nicola did not wear a wedding dress designed by Victoria Beckham but rather one designed by Valentino Pierpaolo Piccioli.

Nicola discussed the event and her plans to wear a dress from Victoria’s label in an interview she gave. She said that her original intention was to wear the dress. She informed him that, “I was overjoyed to learn that the pattern I was going to wear had been crafted by my future mother-in-law.

That was such a heartwarming and emotional tale, in my opinion.” Nicola related how she, her mother Claudia, and stylist Leslie Fremar got the ball rolling on the creation of her ideal wedding gown.

However, Victoria told Caludia over the phone that her atelier was unable to complete the task. When she was told by other people that she wouldn’t be wearing the dress that Victoria had made for her, she became upset.

Beckhams Join Peltz Family for Easter at Lavish Mansion
Beckhams Join Peltz Family for Easter at Lavish Mansion

The Beckham and Pelt family to celebrate Easter together

Easter will be celebrated by the Peltz family at their 76-million-pound mansion in Palm Beach, Florida. On the family yacht that they purchased for £5 million, David and Victoria Beckham were seen having a good time.

A celebratory meal will be hosted by the Peltz family at their residence in Florida in honour of the Beckhams.

According to a source, “the couple spent the previous few days in Tokyo; however, they wanted to celebrate their first year as a married couple with a low-key Easter Sunday dinner with both of their families in Palm Beach.”

It’s possible that Nicola and Brooklyn are preparing to enter a new phase of their lives by getting married, having children, and settling down as the reason for this get-together with the extended family.

In an interview from the previous year, Brooklyn revealed, “My parents had me when I was 23 years old.” I’m 23 now.

My goal has always been to get married and have children when I’m still in my 20s so that I can enjoy watching them develop while I’m still in my prime myself. In addition to this, Brooklyn stated that Nicola was not prepared and that he would be prepared once she was.

“It is without a doubt our goal to have a large family.” Nicola said, “He has three brothers and sisters, and I have seven,” referring to the number of siblings she possessed.