b com notes pdf books
b com notes pdf books

B Com Notes, Hello Friends Welcome to latestnews-24.com, today we are going to share with you a B Com Notebook & Books For All Semesters In PDF – 1st Year, 2nd Year, 3rd Year, Here you can get the best collection of Bachelor of Commerce PDF, 2nd year English notes PDF, Auditing notes PDF, branch accounting notes for Bachelor of Commerce PDF, 5th sem. income tax notes PDF, 1st-year economics notes in Hindi PDF, 2nd-year economics notes in Hindi PDF, international business, business statistics notes Notes PDF, entrepreneurship notes for PDF, Bachelor of Commerce Notes 1st-year notes in Hindi pdf, 1st year English notes PDF, HRM notes PDF.  

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As we all know nowadays every student is under pressure for exams of all who are study in high schools, colleges or any other competition preparation. Bachelor of Commerce is a very popular Undergraduate Degree in India. Managerial as well as communication skills can be developed through B.Com Course.

bcom 1st year books pdf in english

We also provide you a Pdf version of this B Com Notes & Books For All Semesters In PDF Hindi and English download also, so you can download and read easily in the future.

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B com Notes Bachelor of Commerce

In this article, we also provide complete details of B Com syllabus and B.com subjects. Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) is usually divided into 3 years or 2 semesters in each year’s total of 6 semesters. Each semester comprises 5 to 6 months.

What is B Com

B Com or Unhitched male of Business is a three-year college class granted in normal just as separation instruction mode. B Com is the second most mainstream college class in the Business branch. Under B Com, there are three most mainstream courses, specifically B Com or B Com-General, B Com (Praises), and B Com LLB. The B Com or B Com-General is likewise alluded to as BCom-Pass by numerous colleges.

In the BCom course, competitors are encouraged to center subjects identified with trade and funds. In the three-year length, the up-and-comers are offered alternatives to look over a couple of elective subjects as well. The program is normally spread more than six semesters during which the understudy has instructed subjects like monetary bookkeeping, corporate expense, financial aspects, organization law, inspecting, business the executives, and so forth.

B Com is the most ideal alternative for understudies who need to make a vocation in business, bookkeeping, account, banking, and protection. BCom is additionally ideal for the individuals who wish to seek after Sanctioned Bookkeeping, Cost Bookkeeping, and Friends Secretaryship.
In the wake of finishing BCom, understudies can likewise seek after vocations in the executives, instructing, publicizing, law, reporting, mass correspondence, law, plan, and so on. The normal beginning compensation of a BCom graduate is Rs 3 lakh and upwards.

B Com Notes (Bachelor of Commerce) subjects

  • Accountancy
  • Cost Account
  • Statistics
  • Human Resource
  • Management
  • English
  • Computer
  • Economics
  • Law
  • Marketing
  • Finance

B Com Notes (Bachelor of Commerce) 1st Year Subjects

B.Com Semester I Notes

  • Environmental Studies
  • English
  • Second Language
  •  Information Technology
  • Financial Accounting –I
  • Business Economics & Business Organization

B.Com Semester II Notes

  • Gender Sensitisation
  • Principles of Management
  • English – II
  • Second Language – II
  • Financial Accounting –II
  • Managerial Economics
  • Foreign Trade

B Com Notes Bachelor of Commerce 2nd Year Subjects

B.Com Semester III Notes

  • Principles of Insurance
  • Advance Accounting
  • English
  • Second Language
  • Income Tax –I
  • Business Statistics-I
  • Entrepreneurial Development & Business Ethics

B.Com Semester IV Notes

  • The practice of Life Insurance
  • Corporate Accounting
  • English
  • Second Language
  • Income Tax- II
  • Business Statistics –II
  • Financial Statement Analysis

B Com Notes Bachelor of Commerce 3rd Year Subjects

B.Com Semester V Notes

  • The practice of General Insurance
  • Auditing
  • Cost Accounting
  • Banking Theory & Practice
  • Business Law
  • Computerized Accounting
  • Accounting Standards

B.Com Semester VI Notes

  • Regulation of Insurance Business
  • Company Law
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Advanced Managerial Accounting
  • Financial Institutes & Markets
  • Commerce Lab
  • Advanced Corporate Accounting
B com Notes Bachelor of Commerce

Download B.Com Notes Books – All Semesters

B Com Books (Bachelor of Commerce) – 1st Year, 2nd Year & 3rd Year PDF Books
Financial Accounting Download
Business Law & Company Law Download
Marketing Manaement Download
Business Economics Download
Business Organization & Management Download
Auditing Download
Cost Accounting Download
Taxation Download
Mathematics & Statistics



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bcom 1st year books pdf in english

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