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Essay on Autobiography of a Newspaper in 1000 words:

Introduction: Autobiography of Newspaper

Life is a long journey. This journey includes the span of past, present, and future. When I look back, I feel people rightly call me antique newspapers. My name is The Bombay Chronicle born in Bombay in 1857. I have seen the ups and downs of Independence’s struggle since its inception.

The famous news of all times, India Revolts‘ was given by me in 1857. I was habitually sent all over the country. That time I was valued at one paisa and was purchased and read by all the educated, including the reputed persons of India and Rajas, Maharajas, manufacturers, and army majors.

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Love and Hatred

Many people loved me and kept me with care. On some events, I had to bear the effect of protests even sometimes, I was bone-tired by the people who dislike some bitter truth. I was sometimes torn and thrown out by the Englishmen who were angry with my understanding of the Indian freedom fighters including Mahatma Gandhi.

Processing of newspaper

Primarily I was printed on a letterpress. Regularly the technology developed faster with rotating laser printing press. I am being printed on an offset printing press for the last few years, which is very fast. From 4 pages, now I have 10 to 24 pages every day. For 2 decades, I am having cultured in printing and magazine sections.

My circulation has gone up from four thousand copies to four lakh copies every day. My publishing supervisor and reporters have also away through several stages of evolution. From handwritten reports, they changed to typewrite and now to computers. They are using satellite-linked telexes, fax, and computers to produce news articles and newspapers.

Eyewitness to the events-(autobiography of a newspaper)

Through my journey of 152 years, I have lived to see great events, wars, resolutions epidemics, calamities, and moments of joy. I have seen the rise and fall of many kingdoms and governments and many nations’ birth; I have witnessed man going to the moon and the planets. Still, I don’t feel old. I have been qualified to help in modeling the future of manhood. This is my motivation and mission. Let the truth prevail and win is my motto.

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Increased Importance of newspaper (autobiography of a newspaper for class 11)

With the spread of education, my importance has increased by hops and bounds. Everybody today wants to read to me. Those who cannot read themselves want others to read me out to them. I am, now published in English, Hindi, and Urdu and in all other regional dialects of the country. I am read or listened to with great interest by everybody. I exercise a thoughtful inspiration on the minds of the public.

Duties and functions

The most important function of mine is to bring to people news of the world. News is my chief interest. I tell the people what is happening not only in our countries but also in other countries. Without me, the people would be like frogs in a well who knows nothing of the outside world. I am also an important resource of commercials.

 I help trade and commerce. If a dealer or an industrialist wants to increase his business, he can advertise his good to me. I also help the employer and employee through their wants column. Many advertisements of every kind are clear proof of my popularity of mine as means of advertisement.

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Conclusion- An autobiography of a newspaper

But there are also some drawbacks to me. Some political parties use me as a means of marketing. Often comments and views are expressed through me and confuse the people and misguide them. Some news is distorted and twisted. At other times they stir up class hatred my misuse did much to encourage agitation and other parts of the country.

Often some people publish wrong advertisements which deceive and cheat people and corrupt the public taste. But these difficulties are nil in comparison with my diverse benefits. I am really useful to people.

Write an Essay on an Autobiography of Newspaper in Short

I (Newspaper) hoped to increase knowledge in Europe during the sixteenth century by opening my eyes. It took hundreds of years for me to become what I am today, just as Rome was not built in a day.
In my early days, I was only known by a few people in Europe, despite my European birth. When I was younger, I had to deal with quite a few burdens in my life. As a result, I am glad I was born as a newspaper since I always wanted to be appreciated and praised.

My story began as a handwritten book, distributed only to a few literate members of the upper classes. I discussed various topics related to war during that time. Nobody seemed interested in what I had to say. In exchange for the goods and goods they had, I received goods and valuables. I, therefore, received no compensation. My life progressed, and I grew up to be a young man.

As the world underwent industrialization, many inventions and discoveries underwent drastic changes. As a result of this process, people were able to invent the printing machine, which helped them to replace handwritten letters with printed ones. For me, this was quite a significant moment.

There were letters written about me all over the globe. My brothers and sisters and I had an amazing time traveling to many countries together. There were some places, however, where the separation was sad since we were flung to different places, such as houses, shops, banks, hospitals, and schools. I was treated with a lot of care and was protected. Nevertheless, some people cut the images on me that was the most hurtful.

My writing style had evolved into one of a smart gentleman who used headlines, bold letters, italics, subheadings, long descriptions, and bullet points. It was a time when people were more educated and concerned with the world than they were in ancient times. As a result, I was not limited to the wealthy. Regardless of the age, nationality, religion, or country of individuals, I could reach their hands.

I felt that something bad would happen to me after I had spent my life blissfully because of the invention of the internet. People are no longer interested in reading me like they once were, which made me vulnerable. When I see people ignore me, I feel quite desperate, even though I am content with my life. In order to honor me without letting me die, I ask that you all adore as you did centuries ago. Due to the taste, which newspaper provides to the eye, it cannot be replaced.

FAQ on Autobiography of a Newspaper

How do you write an autobiography?

Here are a few things to do to write an autobiography:
Continually write your autobiography in the first person;
Use the information to describe the context and setting of your story by creating it very detailed;
Do not make it too wide;
Do not start your essay with a quotation, unless it is important for your story;
Start with something fascinating;

How do you start an autobiography first line?

Use one of these slogans as the first sentence of your autobiography: Example: I was born in… I was active (or quiet, knowledge-loving, nervous, interested, etc.

How do you write a lifeless autobiography?

1. Write in the first person, past tense.
2. Your pencil is old, as it is lettering an autobiography, so the items have to be in the past tense.
3. Make certain that you do not use the third person to write, as then it will be a biography

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