10 Best Wellness Retreats in California, Based on Google Ratings | Top 10 Best Wellness Retreats in California 2022

10 Best Wellness Retreats in California: The term “wellness travel” no longer refers solely to vacations taken by a select few rich people. When it comes to main wellness travel in the United States, your only option is no longer to spend an exorbitant amount of money on luxurious destination spa packages.

Getting away from it all and going on a retreat is now easier than it has ever been. However, it took some time for Western wellness practices to adopt a more holistic and down-to-earth approach to the retreat experience that is more common in Eastern cultures.

We do, and it does not include a lot of pricey, luxury gimmicks that don’t really accomplish much for your health! Authentic health retreats may be found all across the United States, from Arizona to Florida and (of course) California, which is home to some of the world’s top wellness retreats in both Western and Eastern styles.

You can find these retreats online. In order to provide the most helpful advice possible by utilising data science, we compiled a list of the top 10 wellness resorts in California after doing an analysis of the reviews and ratings available on Google for 240 different wellness locations in the state. For a comprehensive explanation, please refer to our methodology.

What exactly is involved in a wellness retreat? According to the Global Wellness Institute, they provide “a full-immersion spa experience in which all clients engage.” “In addition to spa and body treatments, all-inclusive programmes typically include a myriad of other offerings such as fitness, mind/body, special diets and cleanses, energy work, personal coaching, nutritional counselling, weight loss, sports medicine, preventive or curative medical services, and so on.”

Adults that are interested in bettering themselves visit these establishments. In contrast to spas located in hotels or resorts, you should plan on adhering to the programme timetables.

Our list offers something for everyone who is trying to get away from it all, whether they are looking for a peaceful, rustic lodge, a retreat learning centre, or a traditional destination spa. The following is a rundown of all that can be learned from reading this page:

10 Best Wellness Retreats in California

10 Best Wellness Retreats in California
10 Best Wellness Retreats in California
11 Best Wellness Retreats in California

10 Best Wellness Retreats in California

1. Two Bunch Palms, Desert Hot Springs

Our research indicates that the Two Bunch Palms, located just outside of Joshua Tree, is the most effective health resort in the state of California. This vacation spa is an immersive experience that features naturally occurring springs that are 600 years old for “taking the waters,” vegan and vegetarian meals with mindfully constructed yoga courses, and a variety of workshops that include creative activities.

In addition to the previously mentioned natural hot springs, they offer a full-service spa complete with a variety of massage and beauty treatments. In order to provide guests with the entire retreat experience, the rooms have been purposefully constructed to promote “digital detox.”

What Guests Are Saying

According to a recent review that was published on Google, “TBP [Two Bunch Palms] balances serenity and luxury with flawless execution – five stars all around from accommodations to service to food and beverage to the unparalleled landscaping –

I could go on and on; go with a partner or friends or go solo – lots of travellers alone taking in the calmness and beauty with no disruption from children! (one of the best parts of TBP, in my opinion!)”

2. 1440 Multiversity, Scotts Valley

The goal of 1440 Multiversity, which takes its name from the number of minutes in a day, is to put its guiding principle, “a true love for strangers,” into practice each and every minute of the day. What the heck is that? It’s a luxury getaway located in the middle of the redwoods in Scotts Valley that’s run by a nonprofit organisation.

1440 is a location where you can engage with it in many different ways, such as by participating in health retreats, charity programmes, community activities, and leadership conferences. Book private group or solo experiences with all-inclusive package options that include holistically prepared meals, access to workshops, the 75-acre redwood campus, a fitness facility, an infinity hot tub, and many other amenities and services!

Caution is advised, as 1440 has recently been chosen as the location for a multi-year case study on corporate social responsibility and employee wellbeing, and as a result, there is now limited availability for private and group retreat programmes. Make your reservation for the wellness retreat here as soon as you can!

What Guests Are Saying

A recent review on Google stated, “If I could give a greater than a 5-star rating, I would,” and the reviewer meant it. “I am at a loss for words to adequately express how incredible the faculty and staff are, as well as how breathtakingly beautiful the campus is.

Their products, including their seminars, their cuisine, and their music, are all presented in a manner that is both professional and welcoming. Everyone was incredibly friendly and approachable. If I could, I would go every single weekend!

3. Quiet Mind Mountain Lodge, Retreat & Spa, Julian

The Quiet Mind Mountain Lodge is a serene haven that exemplifies the meaning of the term “wellness resort” thanks to its abundance of breathtaking scenery and opportunities for reflection. This undiscovered wellness treasure can be found in Julian, California, to the north of Cuyamaca Rancho State Park.

The lodge provides a number of different wellness retreat packages, each of which was thoughtfully constructed with your holistic and spiritual well-being in mind. The retreat packages “Coming Home to Center Yoga and Meditation Retreat,” “Renew and Rejuvenate Journey,” and “Serene And Silent Spa Wellness Retreat” are the ones that involve the most yoga.

The nicest aspect about this location is that you don’t have to sign up for a group retreat till it happens once a year; instead, you may arrange your own personal multi-day yoga retreat at the Mountain Lodge whenever you like!

What Guests Are Saying

According to a recent review that was posted on Google, “this was just the stay my husband and I envisioned in order to relax and unwind after a busy year.” “We had a wonderful experience at the lovely spa suite with the calm atmosphere and direct views of the lake. Lorien gave us a great massage, and Denise led us in yoga.”

At the Quiet Mind Retreat, the staff is incredibly compassionate. We found that having breakfast and coffee in the library in the morning was one of our favourite ways to pass the time while watching the deer in the garden below. My husband and I have had a wonderful time here, and we can’t wait to come back for a longer period of time.

4. Esalen Institute, Big Sur

The Esalen Institute is a place that serves as a holistic learning centre as well as a retreat in Big Sur. It is home to artists, philosophers, sociologists, theologians, and psychologists from a variety of backgrounds. If you want to take part in an immersive workshop that is being taught by visiting academics, you can choose to remain on campus for a weekend or for a longer period of time.

In addition to yoga and movement workshops, there are seven other types of programmes available, such as holistic health and massage retreats, mindfulness and spirituality sessions, psychedelic and ancient healing ceremonies, and movement and yoga workshops.

This is the ideal wellness retreat for people of any financial means because there is such a wide variety of lodging options, ranging from a sleeping bag in a common conference room to the complete magnificent South Point House Suite.

What Guests Are Saying

According to a recent review that was published on Google, “Esalen is a one-of-a-kind location full of history and remarkable natural beauty.” “It is not a luxury hotel; rather, it is a retreat facility that offers some luxurious accommodations,” the website states.

The Institute hosts a number of different seminars and retreats and does thorough background checks on the individuals who lead them. Many well-known authorities in the disciplines of health, wellness, and spirituality have been programme leaders here.

5. Ricochet Ridge Ranch, Fort Bragg

Stop jumping from one list to the next and make your way to Ricochet Ridge Ranch if you’re seeking for a wellness retreat away from the madding crowds! During your riding vacation at this Mendocino Coast ranch, you will have the opportunity to gallop across wide-open ranching fields, trot through historic redwood forests, and gallop along the beautiful beaches of northern California.

Create a one-of-a-kind riding experience for you, your family, or a group of friends by building your own package from a variety of accommodation options, Mendocino activities, and chosen trail routes. The farm will take care of the rest, arranging an exciting multi-day horse excursion that will include a significant amount of equine therapy as well as character development activities.

What Guests Are Saying

“Outstanding leaders and horses. According to a recent review that was found on Google, this activity is “perfect for novices” and “those who have never ridden on a horse before.” According to one more recent review on Google, “My children and I truly loved our horseback riding tour through the woods and down to the coast.”

“It was the ideal approach to get a feel for the neighbourhood. Our tour guides were wonderful people who were also extremely informed about the area. The stable was spotless, and all of the horses appeared to be in excellent condition; clearly, this was the best possible environment for them!

6. Ratna Ling Retreat Center, Cazadero

This Tibetan Buddhist retreat facility is situated among the coastal redwoods of Sonoma County, California. It provides guests with magnificent vistas in an atmosphere that is tranquil and conducive to meditation.

Make reservations for a private room or the entire cottage if you plan to go on a solo retreat so that you can enjoy some time alone in peace and quiet. While you’re there, don’t forget to make an appointment for a massage, one-on-one yoga attention, informative meditation, spiritual coaching, or aromatherapy at the wellness centre!

What Guests Are Saying

One of the most recent reviews on Google referred to this location as “a very exceptional spot.” “My girlfriend and I stayed at one of their cabins for a three-day weekend for the purpose of practising self-care, and our time there was delightful and unforgettable. The person who taught us yoga was excellent.

The atmosphere was quite tranquil, and it was spotless all around. The volunteers that handle the whole place put out an incredible effort, and the cuisine was simply out of this world. I strongly encourage anyone who is interested in practising yoga, meditating, becoming more spiritual, and locating inner peace to give some thought to spending some time in this enchanted location.

7. Inn at Moonlight Beach, Encinitas

We had no doubt that the Inn at Moonlight Beach would be included on this list, and we are relieved to see that our intuition was supported by the evidence. Just a short journey of thirty minutes will take you north of San Diego to reach one of the world’s first hotels to be awarded the WELLTM certification.

Enjoy some gluten-free pastries and organic tea on your private patio while you feel the ocean breeze in your suite, which features natural ventilation. Book one of (or all of) their “well offers,” which include massages, juice cleanses, and healing arts, or attend one of the wellness lab classes to educate yourself on how to improve your health.

What Guests Are Saying

“Both calming and nourishing at the same time. According to a recent review that was posted on Google, “it was an incredible wellness retreat that elevated my soul.” “I feel as though I am having a Zen experience here because every aspect of this location has been carefully considered.

The hot bath with fresh flowers and herbs, the food plates and baskets that I ordered, and the peaceful room with wood-panelling were all wonderful experiences for me. My mind just eased.

The two days that I was there, I spent them meditating, writing in my notebook, and reading my spiritual book. My retreat was supported in every way by everything there. Wow!!!”

8. Sagrada Wellness, Santa Margarita

The Sagrada, which is located between San Francisco and Los Angeles, is yet another place that fits the idea of a wellness retreat. Your retreat package will include vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, handmade, organic, and raw meals that they prepare fresh on-site each day. All of these dietary options are available.

You can choose to stay in one of the freshly built rustic individual rooms or cottages that are modest yet warm, or you can choose to stay in the public space for a more social and cost-effective experience. Yoga and wellness retreats are Sagrada’s specialty, and they take place on a regular basis (at least twice a month).

These are multi-day weekend retreats with fully developed programmes that include a plethora of nutritious cuisine, meditation, yoga, writing, and various other light activities, as well as time spent reflecting on the grounds.

What Guests Are Saying

According to a recent review that was published on Google, “the stunning settings, wonderful dinners cooked by Scott and Eva, together with the well-planned schedule and amazing yoga teacher Victoria make this facility perfect for people searching for a yoga retreat.”

“The community room was clean, and my “roommates” and I became pretty close while we were there and really appreciated having the space to ourselves. A beautiful experience that has left me feeling nourished, at peace, and complete.”

9. Cove Wellness Detox Spa of La Jolla

At this secluded health enclave in the coastal community of La Jolla, California, clients have the option of selecting a detox and weight reduction retreat of three, six, or nine days in length, complete with medical spa treatments.

In order to provide comprehensive health and preventative care, the Cove Wellness Detox Spa offers a one-of-a-kind experience that integrates western and eastern treatments. The spa does not offer overnight accommodations; however, they can provide recommendations for local inns and motels. The programmes run for a total of six to eight hours each day!

What Guests Are Saying

According to a Google review from four years ago, a customer said, “I am truly loving my six days of experience at the Wellness Retreat.” “Lisa does an outstanding job of catering to the needs of her customers! Both my kid and I are being provided with first-rate medical care and other amenities.

We have already participated in the Medi Cupping Therapy, Liver/Gallbladder Detox, Lymphatic Drainage Therapies, Alkaline & Coffee Colonic, as well as the Detox Foot Spa / Aromatherapy Salts Evening Soak! I am not only shedding pounds, but I am also experiencing an increase in my overall level of vitality on a daily basis!

10. The Expanding Light Retreat, Nevada City

Discover what it’s like to live in a spiritual community on a 700-acre rolling meadow campus in the Sierra Nevada foothills while attending a wellness retreat at The Expanding Light Retreat, one of the adaptable options on our list. This retreat provides daily personal retreat programmes as well as more extensive regularly scheduled wellness retreats.

Your trip to the Expanding Light Retreat will be jam-packed with activities such as private and group yoga classes, daily meditations, and optional spiritual counselling. The vegetarian, organic food served at the retreat will be gluten-free and dairy-free as well. Their programmes already have a reasonable amount of structure, but each day gives you the opportunity to choose between one and two hours of another programme, class, activity, or free time.

What Guests Are Saying

A recent Google Review praised the establishment for its “excellent personnel,” “amazing programming,” “wonderful food,” and “great energy.” “However, it is not the conventional kind of outer energy that is dependent on one’s volition and senses.

Instead, it is more of an inward experience that one has. There is still a lot of natural beauty, there are some great locations to climb, and the vegetarian dishes have some amazing flavours. And stillness and tranquilly as a source of energy to help me broaden my mind, refresh, and revitalise.”


Our research team does their work autonomously in order to make recommendations for the finest destinations based on data analysis. Our top suggestions are determined exclusively by the collection of data, the use of a ranking system, and a definition of “wellness retreat” that is as stringent as it can be.

Our research is editorially independent, but if you make a purchase after clicking on one of the links on this page and give us a commission, we may receive a portion of the sale. From April to May 2022, a considerable amount of primary data research and secondary expert source research was conducted for this analysis.

This research also included literature studies and the formation of a database using visual web data extraction software. These sources include worldwide research institutes, businesses that are dedicated to the industry, publications that promote travel, websites that facilitate booking, encyclopaedias, travel magazines, websites that provide information on health, and industry groups.

An investigation of all 240 yoga retreats in California served as the basis for these rankings. When searching for these locations on Google Maps, our team utilised the data extraction software known as Octoparse. The collection of all of the data took place between April 23 and April 27.

Our algorithm assigns a score to each place by comparing the total number of Google reviews for that location to the location’s average rating on Google. Our scores are on a 5-point scale. We used our own wellness retreat definition, which was constructed off of the definitions provided by the Global Wellness Institute, to personally assess each resort that our data extraction technology discovered, and we removed places that did not comply with the description.

Our algorithm is confidential, however, if you are interested in developing a product that is comparable to ours, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@strivemedia.net so that we may guide you through the development process.

Here is a link to a downloadable spreadsheet that ranks the top 10 travel locations according to our research. We ask that your intentions be noncommercial and that you link back to this website so that its contributors can receive proper credit for their effort. Please feel free to use or distribute this data to whoever might find it beneficial.

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